Enjoy style and function at your fingertips. Australia’s world-famous Billi taps use premium filters with a unique three-layered structure for superior water taste and quality. They’re eco-friendly, too, with clever patented technology that recovers waste heat energy from chilling water and reuses it to preheat boiling water. Ideal for workspaces of 60+ users, there’s a choice of models dispensing 15-50 litres of chilled water per hour. A choice of stunning taps too: in chrome, brushed chrome and cool matt black.

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At a glance: Billi tap

Drinks: Filtered Chilled, Sparkling and Hot/Boiling Water. Drink options are model specific and include boiling/chilled and boiling/chilled/sparkling.

Capacity: Ideal for small to medium volume environments and offices. Billi taps can dispense 15-50 litres per hour of chilled water, or 1-4 cups of boiling water per minute, depending on the under-counter system chosen.

Benefits: Chilled still, sparkling and hot/boiling water from one single tap. Energy saving. Stand-by mode. No cupboard ventilation required. Space saving design. Premium filters for superior water quality. Splash-free boiling water flow. Safety lock mode. Tap swivel feature. Choice of finishes. Roast & Ground Service Plan.

Optional Accessories: Tap Height Extension, Extra Capacity Boiler, Gas Canister Starter Pack.

Machine Dimensions: Dimensions vary between models.

Technical Specification: Water connection - mains plumbed. Waste - mains plumbed.

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