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Premium coffee machine solutions for large businesses

Did you know today’s large coffee machines really can produce fabulous espresso, flat whites and lattes as good as the high street coffee shops?

Our barista-quality bean-to-cup coffee machines are so easy to use, yet they reliably produce up to 550 hot drinks per day. With Roast & Ground you can choose from fresh or granular milk, opt for two or three coffee bean canisters, and add extra hoppers for delicious instant drinks such as hot chocolate and chai – even modules for flavoured syrups.

We hand-pick all our commercial coffee machines from leading companies such as Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura, as well as supplying a range of ethically-sourced beans guaranteed to work brilliantly in your machine, no matter who’s doing the coffee round!

Our industry-leading maintenance and service contracts will ensure your coffee machines stay in peak working condition and, in the unlikely event of a problem, we’re always on hand to get the hot drinks flowing again as quickly as possible.

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At a glance: large coffee machines

Superior service – Large coffee machines that come complete with advice, installation, training, on-site maintenance and repairs.

Coffee machines – Capable coffee machines from leading manufacturers Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura designed for a range of situations.

Drinks selection – Our range of commercial-grade machines can deliver espresso, americano, ristretto, mocha, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white, decaf coffee, hot water, hot chocolate, hot milk and more. We also provide filter coffee machines and water taps.

Full support – All big coffee machines can come with installation, servicing and cleaning.

Fresh coffee beans – Select from a hand-picked range of fresh Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffee beans that cover a range of flavour profiles.

Next day delivery – All coffee, drinks, syrups, biscuits, energy bars and other refreshments delivered the next day.

Capacity – Wide selection of coffee machines from smaller artisan models to large capacity machines, delivering anywhere from 80 to 550 cups of coffee per day.

Sustainability – Roast & Ground is dedicated to operating sustainably, check out our 10-point checklist.

Really lovely company! Everyone is so helpful and anytime we have any problems, the engineers come out so quickly.

Caitin, customer since 2014

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Coffee machines for large businesses - your questions answered

In bustling corporate environments where time is of the essence, and coffee demand runs high, a large coffee machine becomes not just an amenity but a necessity.

Catering not only to larger workforces but also to customer and visitor needs, these machines ensure your business can handle high coffee consumption without compromising quality or efficiency. The last thing any busy business wants is for their coffee supply to bottleneck productivity or hospitality.

At Roast & Ground, we understand that the requirement for large coffee machines isn't just about meeting high-volume demands; it's also about demonstrating care and professionalism to both staff and customers alike.

Larger businesses can also opt to install multiple coffee stations to reduce queues during peak times, providing a wider variety for staff and customers with an assortment of machines offering different beans, dairy, and non-dairy alternatives. Drink stations can be strategically placed on every floor and in designated breakout areas, offering either a diverse range of options or a uniform selection that ensures consistent taste and quality across all machines. We see this approach adopted by businesses with offices across the country, guaranteeing that regardless of location, you'll always enjoy the same great-tasting cup of coffee.

Our reliable, high-capacity coffee machines can alleviate the common issues of long waits and limited beverage options, ensuring a seamless coffee experience that keeps your business operations smooth and your customers satisfied. Talk to our team today to find out which coffee machine solution would work best for your business.

Roast & Ground supplies big coffee machines to all sorts of businesses. Our range features models from leading manufacturers such as Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura which are chosen for their exceptional quality, versatility, and ease of operation. These machines can dispense a variety of regular and speciality coffees, hot chocolate, and hot water for teas, catering to everyone's preferences.

Machines vary in size and capability, from countertop coffee machines to freestanding coffee vending machines, with capacities ranging from 80 cups up to 550 cups per day.

Businesses also have the option to install multiple coffee stations, tailoring the equipment to suit the specific needs of different areas – for instance, the meeting room floor will have different requirements compared to breakout or reception areas. Modern coffee machines can be stylishly arranged in banks or rows to enhance the aesthetics of the space. You could position a coffee machine on either side with a central fridge, for example.

The Rex-Royal S500 Bean-to-Cup Machine, while a tabletop model and not a large freestanding unit, is remarkably capable thanks to its three boilers. This setup enables it to deliver an impressive output, producing up to 58 litres of boiling water per hour and more, making it a suitable choice for businesses requiring high-volume coffee service.

To determine which coffee machine is best suited for your business, consider the number of cups of coffee required per day, along with the space available, quantity required, and budget you have in mind. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll be happy to advise!

All leased coffee machines we stock can deliver deliciously fresh Barista-quality speciality coffee, while some models can also serve tea, hot chocolate, hot and cold water, hot and cold milk and other drinks.

Cleaning your large coffee machine regularly will extend its longevity and ensure that every cup of coffee it makes tastes great.

We recommend having a daily cleaning routine with a more thorough sanitisation process every four to six weeks. Contact us to discuss our cleaning and sanitising services.

Roast & Ground proudly supply fully automated coffee machines that offer automatic rinsing and cleaning programmes to minimise daily maintenance requirements to make your life easier.

Whether you plan to keep staff fuelled or improve the quality of refreshments for customers, a big coffee machine is ideal if your business gets through 80 or more cups of coffee per day.

Effective planning is essential for businesses facing high demand and diverse requirements to ensure the selection of appropriate machines and equipment to meet your specific needs. Our expert team can advise on the best fit for your business. For example, a traditional coffee machine for a café-style set up in one area and convenient tabletop bean-to-cup machines on the floors.

Don’t forget that every coffee station needs water, too! Take a look at our sparkling and chilled water taps.

Roast & Ground offer flexible finance solutions, depending if you want to buy, lease or rent a coffee machine.

Making the most out of your big coffee machine is straightforward with Roast & Ground. As the premier supplier for businesses in search of large coffee machines, we understand the importance of a reliable and cost-effective coffee service, and our machines are designed to deliver just that.

We provide comprehensive maintenance and servicing and can even service multiple sites.

Our service contracts are designed to cover all the necessary aspects to keep your machine running smoothly, including annual filter checks, hygiene inspections, and onsite maintenance and repairs as standard practices.

Every coffee machine we provide is equipped with a water filter to prevent scale buildup and ensure great-tasting beverages, and our expert engineers will also provide essential training to use and look after your machine.

Roast & Ground also offers cleaning, sanitisation, and restocking services to fit your schedule, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, complemented by accessible phone, email, and video support for any assistance you may need.

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