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Made to meet the demand of small businesses

Run a small business with 50 or more staff and want to keep them happy and hydrated?

Roast & Ground supply a wide range of high-quality coffee machines that are made to meet the demand of small businesses.

Each coffee machine we provide has been hand-picked for its quality craftsmanship and performance, durability and reliability. Our leasing contracts can include maintenance, servicing and even regular coffee deliveries so that your coffee machine will last you for years to come.

It’s not all about the coffee, either. Many of our coffee machines for small businesses can dispense hot chocolate, hot milk, and hot water for all your favourite teas, too.
Every taste and need can be catered for with a single machine.

Roast & Ground work exclusively with some of the best manufacturers to deliver the best coffee machines to businesses across London and the South East. 
Small businesses have a lot going on, so don’t let catering for staff slow you down.

Why lease a coffee machine for your business?

If you’re trying to cater for 50 or more staff, a reliable bean-to-cup coffee machine is the most efficient way to satisfy staff, as well as clients and visitors, while saving time and maintaining office morale.

Business coffee machines can meet the demands of small and large workplaces, delivering 100+ cups of coffee per day with ease. They’re not only faster than kettles, they use less power and make a far superior cup of coffee.

Leasing a coffee machine means you don't have to pay a large upfront cost. You get a new machine to your own specifications and pay for its use over 3 to 5 years.

There aren’t many times when a small business can deliver more value to staff while spending less. This is one of those times!




The best coffee machine for small businesses

The best coffee machine for small businesses is the one that delivers the drinks staff love, quickly and efficiently.

Our range of coffee machines for smaller businesses includes leading models from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. We only offer coffee machines from reputable manufacturers that we know and trust to ensure quality and reliability for your peace of mind.

Roast & Ground stock a wide selection of coffee machines, from smaller countertop machines that can serve 100+ cups per day all the way to freestanding coffee vending machines that can dispense up to 550 cups per day without breaking a sweat.

No matter whether your staff like simple tea or black coffee, or prefer speciality drinks such as cappuccino, latte, mocha and hot chocolate, there’s a coffee machine to match your needs and preferences. 

Quality coffee machines for small businesses - your questions answered

Is leasing a coffee machine suitable for a small business?

Yes, leasing a coffee machine is highly suitable for a small business. If you have more than 50 staff and need more than 100 cups per day, we have just the machine for you. Leasing is a cost-effective way to own a coffee machine for your small business.

Do I need maintenance and servicing for my coffee machine lease?

You will receive full maintenance cover and regular servicing as part of a coffee machine rental agreement. 

What coffee machine brands can I lease for my small business?

You can lease small business coffee machines from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. We work closely with these manufacturers as we believe that they offer the best quality and value for money on the market.

Even the smallest commercial bean-to-cup machines today are highly sophisticated and capable of producing a wide range of indulgent coffee drinks that match the best served out on the high street.

However it’s important that you have the right machine for your needs and budget. Please do speak to us about your specific requirements.

Should I buy or lease a coffee machine for my small business?

Whether to buy or lease a coffee machine for your small business depends on your individual circumstances. Leasing avoids the initial capital expenditure and lets you level-up as you grow your business, but purchasing a coffee machine can sometimes be a better decision. We also have a number of commercial coffee machines to rent and, if you are looking for a keenly-priced solution, you might consider one of our reconditioned Rex-Royal machines.

Can you supply the coffee to go with my coffee machine?

Yes, we supply the coffee to go with your coffee machine, and will calibrate the machine so that it works perfectly with your preferred beans, and perform an espresso check every time we visit.

Roast & Ground’s wide range of beans – all of which are speciality grade and Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified – has been hand-picked to deliver reliably delicious coffee in workplace environments day after day. 

You can even serve multiple varieties of coffee by choosing a machine with two or three hoppers: say one punchy dark roast, a smooth decaf, and Fuel Their Day, our charity coffee blend, in which 50p from each pack purchase goes to help people facing homelessness into work.

Your contract will include up to two coffee changes per year, should you want to switch things up to keep things interesting for staff.

We will deliver the coffee beans on a schedule that suits you, as well as everything else you need including teas, hot chocolate, milk, sugar, cups and snacks.

Can you provide maintenance and servicing?

Yes, we provide maintenance and servicing and can even service multiple sites. Your service contract will include annual filter checks, hygiene and onsite maintenance and repairs as standard. Every machine has a water filter fitted – this keeps the drinks tasting tip-top and prevents the build up of damaging scale – and our engineers will provide training in how to use the machine and maintain it day-to-day.

We can supply further cleaning, sanitization and restocking services at a pace that suits you – daily, weekly or monthly, the choice is yours. In addition we offer phone, email and video support from our service desk.

If your machine has Telemetry (a personalised dashboard for machine monitoring) you can ask us to access it remotely for investigative and remedial work, should there be a problem. Repairs are included in your service plan and we guarantee a same day response for calls logged before 10am in London; next day for calls outside London.

Feel free to discuss your maintenance and servicing concerns with one of our team when you’re choosing your coffee machine. Rest assured we’ll take care of everything to keep your coffee machine in good working order!


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