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A bean-to-cup coffee experience for larger companies

Corporate coffee machines from Roast & Ground deliver a true bean-to-cup experience for larger companies.

These machines are ideal for larger organisations that want to provide hot drinks for staff. They are easy to use, reliable, low maintenance and can deliver the taste and sustenance your workforce deserves.

Our corporate coffee machines can dispense a variety of standard and speciality coffees as well as hot chocolate and hot water for teas so that everyone is catered for.
We have carefully selected the best bean-to-cup coffee machines from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura for their quality, flexibility, reliability and ease of use. They don’t take up too much space or require too much infrastructure to support, and can each deliver delicious, fresh coffee and other drinks at scale.

From artisanal coffee machines for meeting rooms to larger coffee vending machines for office floors, there’s something in our range that’s perfect for your corporate needs and we are well-versed in supplying nationwide accounts and multiple locations.

Why lease a corporate coffee machine?

Leasing a corporate coffee machine offers many benefits.

First of all, leasing a coffee machine provides all the same benefits without the upfront investment. It avoids the initial capital expenditure and allows you to have a new coffee machine to your own specification which you then pay to use over a 3 or 5 year period.

Whether you want to keep staff fuelled at one location or multiple locations, leasing a corporate coffee machine can provide the best balance of cost and value. It provides a consistent experience across sites all while keeping staff happy and hydrated.

We provide a hand-picked selection of bean-to-cup coffee machines from leading manufacturers that are well-suited for large corporations. Our leasing arrangements are perfect for businesses with multiple locations, while our regular maintenance, servicing and coffee bean deliveries help to keep your machines running in tip-top condition.




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How to choose the best coffee machine for your large business


Choosing the best corporate coffee machine is a combination of assessing your needs and working with a partner who can deliver the quality of service and price you’re looking for.

To make sure you get the best coffee machine for your needs, first consider how many cups of coffee are needed per day.

To help you decide, here are some other questions to think about:

• How much space do you have for the machine?
• How many locations require a coffee machine?
• Is there access to mains water?
• How many different drink options would your team want?

Roast & Ground offers all the advice and support you need. We will help you choose the right locations for your machines, make sure power and water requirements are in place, and liaise with builders and contractors to ensure installation is efficient.

If you need help choosing the right corporate coffee machine for your business, fill in our short form at the bottom of the page or contact our team who would be happy to help.

Great value corporate coffee machines - your questions answered

Can you provide maintenance and servicing?

Yes, we provide maintenance and servicing and can service multiple sites. Your service contract will include annual filter checks, hygiene and onsite maintenance and repairs as standard. Every machine has a water filter fitted – this keeps the drinks tasting tip-top and prevents the build up of damaging scale.

We can supply further cleaning, sanitization and restocking services at a pace that suits you – daily, weekly or monthly, the choice is yours. In addition we offer phone, email and video support from our service desk. If your machine has Telemetry (a personalised dashboard for machine monitoring) you can ask us to access it remotely for investigative and remedial work.

Discuss it with one of our team when you’re choosing your coffee machine. Rest assured we’ll take care of everything to keep your corporate coffee machines in good working order!

What corporate coffee machines can I lease?

Roast & Ground supplies bean-to-cup corporate coffee machines from leading manufacturers including Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. Machines vary in size and capability, from countertop coffee machines to freestanding coffee vending machines. Capacities range from 80 cups per day up to 550 per day.

Can you supply the coffee to go with my coffee machine?

Yes, we supply the coffee to go with your corporate coffee machine, and will calibrate the machine so that it works perfectly with your preferred beans, and perform an espresso check every time we visit.

Roast & Ground’s wide range of beans – all of which are speciality grade and Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified – has been hand-picked to deliver reliably delicious coffee in workplace environments day after day.

You can even serve multiple varieties of coffee by choosing a machine with two or three hoppers: say one punchy dark roast, a smooth decaf, and Fuel Their Day, our charity coffee blend, in which 50p from each pack purchase goes to help people facing homelessness into work.

Your contract will include up to two coffee changes per year, should you want to switch things up to keep things interesting for staff.

We will deliver the coffee beans on a schedule that suits you, as well as everything else you need including teas, hot chocolate, milk, sugar, cups and snacks.

How many cups of coffee can corporate coffee machines produce per day?

Corporate coffee machines can produce between 80 and 550 cups of coffee per day, depending on your requirements.

What drinks can you make with a corporate coffee machine?

Each of our  corporate coffee machines provides the full bean-to-cup experience with simple operation and a selection of drink options. Some are capable of offering a wide range of speciality coffees including espresso, cappuccino, latte and mocha, as well as hot chocolate, mocha, leaf tea and hot or cold milk. Dual milk fridges even allow you to offer a choice of milks in your bean-to-cup coffee drinks.

How long does a corporate coffee machine last?

A corporate coffee machine can last many years, and even longer when properly looked after. Our service and maintenance options help to keep your machines running well. Here at Roast & Ground, we only offer coffee machines from reputable manufacturers that we know and trust. This means that we can guarantee their quality, reliability and longevity.

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