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Even the best coffee machines need maintenance. This is why...

Latte with sprinkles on top? And would you like an engineer with that?

Office coffee is incredible. Research shows it boosts morale and creates a more positive work environment. But what if something goes wrong? What would happen then? Queue a dash (every hour) to Starbucks (costly). Hmph. This seems a good time to introduce our maintenance service.

Three pointers for picking the perfect office coffee

If you’ve made the decision to invest in an office coffee machine, you should know – you’re making a wise choice. As we’ve blogged about previously, great office coffee gets colleagues talking and businesses working. But what about the things BEYOND the machine – like your choices of coffee, your employees who are non-caffeine and, a critical one, cleaning?

2,000 years after its invention, it’s all change for the tap

The tap has been hard at work ever since the earliest years of the ancient Roman era, when the very first mixing tap (rudimentary though it was) changed daily life.

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How To Make Great Coffee For A Large Office

Your workplace is a hustling bustling environment of 100+ employees. You need a machine that keeps pace with them and their preferences for beverages made exactly how they like them. Here’s our how to…

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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Fruit, Herbal & Green Tea

Tea – it’s the staple beverage of the nation – the drink that’s brewed in times of trouble and a cup of which can set us up for the day. Yet while our beloved cup of char is capable of admirable things, they’re perhaps not a patch on all that fruit, herbal and green teas can achieve.

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The Facilities Show | See us there!

We’re proud to partner with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) for the Facilities Show taking place at ExCel between the 18th – 20th June 2019. You’ll find us together on stand FM6435, where you’ll be able to grab a cup of our delicious 9-5 Daterra Brazil coffee, whilst checking out all that IWFM has to offer.

Best Office Coffee Machines 2019

Get your colleagues rushing into work early for an exceptional cup of coffee

We all know the difference that a great cup of coffee can make to a long day at work. In fact, recent research shows that an office coffee machine has the potential to transform your work environment. A simple cup of coffee can boost employee productivity, stimulate creativity and strengthen team bonds.

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Best Coffee Machines for Staff Rooms

In the staff room: 4 ways coffee machines whip up performance and productivity

Thinking about upgrading the coffee and tea offer in the staff room? Considering trading up from acceptable beverages, to barista-level coffee?

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Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

Fairtrade began humbly – all the way back in the 1940s. First, churches in North America and Europe began to purchase and import crafts from impoverished areas. These small efforts made a significant difference to refugees and communities around the world.

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The New S500 from Rex-Royal

Here’s everything you need to know

Please be upstanding for coffee machine royalty - the new Rex-Royal S500. Barista-standard drinks, automatically produced and packing in plenty of power under the hood. The S500 serves up many a reason to make this your office coffee machine of choice.

Whether you’re a workplace caterer, or you’re looking for a sumptuous self-serve, the S500 makes for a compelling choice. Here’s why…

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