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  • Introducing Our New Vitro Bean-to-Cup  Coffee Machines

    A bean-to-cup coffee machine takes coffee to a new level, and now there are three new machines in the Roast & Ground line up.

    Made by Coffetek, the Vitro S1, X1 and X1MIA offer delicious bean-to-cup coffee for commercial environments.

    There’s lots to consider when choosing your coffee machine, such as the drinks produced and the capacity. Here’s a closer look at what our new Vitro range offers, and how they compare.

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  • London’s Favourite Workplace Coffee Filtering Through the South East

    Moving offices? Welcoming staff back to work? Opening a satellite? Now is the perfect time for businesses to take a fresh look at their office drinks setup.

    And for those ready to upgrade, the good news is: organisations throughout the South East can now access the superb coffee and five-star service that have made Roast & Ground a hit with central London offices.

    And for those ready to upgrade, the good news is: organisations throughout the South East can now access the superb coffee and five-star service that have made Roast & Ground a hit with central London offices.

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  • How Do Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines Work?

    Rich, aromatic and full of flavour - there’s something deeply satisfying about the perfect cup of coffee. When you’re anticipating that first cup of the day, there’s nothing worse than being handed a coffee which is nothing more than a tasteless pool of brown liquid.

    The good news is that with modern coffee machines, there’s no need to ever put up with a poor cup of coffee ever again. A bean-to-cup machine can deliver a wide range of coffees, personalised to just how you like them.

    Surprisingly simple to use, there are both home and commercial bean-to-cup machines available. Here’s the lowdown on how they work and what to expect.

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  • How You Can Save Money With A Commercial Coffee Machine

    For most people, the idea of getting through the workday without a decent cup of coffee is unthinkable. Whether you have five people in your office or 500, providing facilities to make hot drinks is an essential.

    But are you like the many offices around the country who rely on the humble kettle? An easy and cost-effective way of providing as many coffees as you need - or is it?

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  • Moving to a New Office? How to Choose an Office Coffee Machine

    If you’re about to open up your first office, or maybe you’re moving to new premises, there’s never been a better time to think about getting a new office coffee machine.

    Kettles are surprisingly expensive to run and only provide very limited options. A coffee machine in the office will be appreciated by employees, and means that making a hot drink doesn’t have to take a long time.

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  • How to choose the Best Office Coffee Machine for 2021

    As an eventful and memorable 2020 draws to a close, so our thoughts turn to a more prosperous 2021 both personally and in the world of commerce too. This coming year is thankfully set to see more of a return to normality when it comes to office spaces and business in our towns and cities across the nation, and the centrepiece of any decent office space is of course the coffee machine. The sought-after hub that keeps everyone well-watered and perked up throughout the first cold winter months of the year, and well into summer, thanks to the variety on offer these days.

    Here we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common queries when it comes to installing an office coffee machine so you can make an informed choice.

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  • Have an ethical tea break with Birchall teas

    If you’re looking for an ethical and sustainable tea break, look no further than Birchall for your office tea. Birchall are a family run company and have been in operation since 1872.

    It all started with a small family tea shop in London owned by Captain Birchall Graham. The business is quintessentially British and has been in the family for five generations. That’s a long time to get their tea selection and blends to the highest standards!

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  • Introducing the incredibly stylish Rex-Royal S2


    The Rex-Royal S2 reflects the best in top quality Swiss engineering. Rex-Royal have been established since 1937 and produce some of the best quality coffee machines on the market.

    The S2 has been designed exclusively to meet the professional needs of a mid-sized company or work environment. It’s great for medium sized offices, schools, break rooms, staffrooms and cafés. The compact and sleek design fits into any work environment with ease and is in keeping with modern office décor.

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  • Have you returned to school? Enjoy touch free staffroom coffee

    As schools reopened across the UK after lockdown, everyone began to adjust to new routines. With the return to school guidelines to put in place, there’s been a lot for teachers and school staff to consider. Plus addressing that backlog of work that’s accumulated!

    With so many demands on time and new rules to adhere to back at school, the job of school staff and teachers is becoming increasingly complex. Undoubtedly it can be difficult for teachers to find the time to take a much-deserved break.

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