Everyone loves fresh coffee. Whether you’re offering it as part of your business or as an added benefit, there’s nothing like the taste and smell of fresh, bean to cup coffee to boost morale and productivity.

Roast & Ground provides fast, efficient coffee machines and award-winning coffees to suit every business and sector. Our range includes some of the best-known models from leading manufacturers including Rex-Royal, Jura and Coffetek.

All Roast & Ground workplace coffee machines come complete with installation, maintenance and on-site repairs. And our next day delivery service on coffee, tea and other essential supplies ensures those delicious drinks keep on flowing.

Freshly roasted coffee
to fuel your working day

Whether you’re looking for a small espresso machine or large-scale coffee vending machine, we take pride in finding the perfect model for each location. Cappuccino, americano, or flat white – the flavour and quality of today’s coffee-making technology will astound you.

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Office and Workplace

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The modern office is powered by caffeine. Whether it’s tea, coffee or the occasional hot chocolate, a choice of great tasting hot drinks and filtered water is the number one way to improve productivity, loyalty and staff wellbeing.

Best of all, it need not cost a fortune. Roast & Ground’s reliable office coffee machines, expert advice and handy service contracts make it easy for you to keep staff well fuelled on site with coffee that matches that out on the high street.

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What better way to unwind after a tough class than sitting back and enjoying a cup of freshly ground coffee? What better way to prepare for the next class than doing the same?

Roast & Ground’s neat, easy-clean coffee machines for schools and colleges will show staff and students you value them without wiping out the amenities budget.

We have reliable, low-cost machines designed for every need and situation, from staff rooms to dining halls, sixth form centres and parents’ evenings.

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Facilities Management

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Roast & Ground is an independent family business used to supplying coffee machines for facilities management companies. We understand your needs and have the flexibility to work as part of your team, delighting your clients.

Rely on us to supply best-in-class coffee machines, great quality drinks and the on-site preventative maintenance and repairs that keep everything running smoothly.

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Serviced Offices


Customers may not choose a serviced office because of the coffee, but they will happily come back to one that provides it.

Offering aromatic, fresh ground espresso, cappuccino and flat whites is a great way to differentiate your business from the competition, and at minimal cost to you.

Find out more about our great value low-maintenance, low impact coffee machines and enhance your customer experience today.

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Roast & Ground’s catering coffee machines reliably deliver cup after cup of delicious fresh coffee at scale to delight you, and quality to delight your customers.

Gone are the days of bland catering coffee and tea that tastes like dishwater. Our first-class machines, paired with our hand-selected, freshly roasted coffees and regular maintenance checks ensure your hot drinks impress time after time.

Whether you’re serving 50 or 550 cups a day, we have the perfect machine at the right price point to suit your needs.

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When time and money are tight, being able to offer delicious fresh coffee is a great way to show staff, stakeholders and patients you care, without it costing a fortune.

Roast & Ground’s coffee machines for healthcare providers ensure that no matter the challenge, a comforting hot drink is always on hand. We’ll help you find the perfect machine for your needs and make sure it’s easy to use too.

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Hotels & Conference


Today, everyone wants to wake up and smell the coffee – or a fabulous cup of tea. Whether it’s in-room, in the lobby, in the conference hall or the café, freshly ground coffee sets the tone for your hotel and keeps customers coming back.

Roast & Ground’s range of stylish coffee machines for hotels suits every size and location, and can be tailored to match your décor. Rely on us for on-site preventative maintenance and speedy coffee deliveries too.

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You don’t need expert baristas on hand to serve your customers the best freshly made espresso, cappuccino and flat whites.

Our coffee machines for restaurants, produce delicious espresso-based coffees at the touch of a button.

All Roast & Ground bean to cup coffee machines are stylish, robust and easy to clean. And our flexible lease terms are just as tasty as our hand-selected freshly roasted coffee.

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Pubs and Bars


Everyone drinks, but not everyone wants alcohol! Roast & Ground’s coffee machines for pubs and bars help you welcome allcomers, from designated drivers to discerning non-drinkers, with a range of enticing hot drinks.

We pride ourselves on offering expert advice and finding the perfect solution for each situation, large and small.

You’ll love our machines’ robust reliability, ease of use, and the delicious espresso, cappuccino and flat whites they produce.

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Garden Centres


Good coffee turns a trip to the garden centre into a great day out. Isn’t it time you grew that side of the business as well as those plants?

Roast & Ground’s coffee machines for garden centres are robust, easy-to-use and stylish to boot. And our next day delivery service on fresh coffee and other consumables means the next satisfied customer is just a delicious drop away.

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Car Dealerships


Sitting down with a coffee is part of the dealership experience. Why not dazzle your customers with the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee, and a choice of Italian-style espresso-based drinks? It’s easier than you think.

Roast & Ground has the ideal coffee machine for every size business and the back-up services that keep them fuss-free.

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Coffee machines for leisure companies need to be simple to use and easy to maintain. The great news is: today’s coffee making technology lets you produce truly delicious espresso, cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button.

Roast & Ground are experts at putting the right coffee machine in the right location – at a price you think is right too. And our next day delivery service will ensure you never run out of coffee, tea and other supplies.

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Need something smaller?

Check out our Roast & Ground Direct service. It offers a range of tank-fed, espresso, bean-to-cup, filter and capsule machines, plus coffee and accessories to turn any small office, home office or home kitchen into the best coffee spot in town.

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