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An effective coffee-to-go experience for every location

Roast & Ground brings the perfect blend of quality and convenience to your organisation with self-service coffee machines. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, these machines provide a variety of hot beverages, from barista-quality coffee to tea and hot chocolate.

Our self-serve coffee machines are handpicked from trusted brands like Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura for their efficiency and reliability to offer a hassle-free hot drink solution for your staff and customers. 

Whether you’re looking for coffee-to-go machines for a hospitality venue, healthcare centre, or simply something to fit into a reception room or busy office, the range of options from Roast & Ground promises a convenient and hygienic solution.

Do I need a commercial self-service coffee machine?

Having a self-service coffee machine in your premises is a great way to invigorate your office environment, enhance your customer service, or provide a welcoming touch to your reception area or waiting room.

From a quick stop at a convenience store, a refuel at a petrol station, or a leisurely coffee at a local café, these machines deliver consistent quality with every cup.

Roast & Ground can offer self-serve coffee machines to a variety of different businesses including restaurants, pubs and bars, hotels, garden centres, car dealerships, healthcare practices, schools and universities, leisure centres, and even catering businesses

Coffee-to-go machines can also make a great addition to the workplace in offices and serviced offices to keep staff fueled and hydrated.




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Benefits of self-serve coffee machines

For customer-oriented businesses, a self-serve coffee machine eliminates the need for dedicated staff to operate and serve coffee to customers, enabling businesses to allocate resources more effectively. 

The convenience of locating premium, barista-quality coffee in accessible locations is coupled with easy-to-use technology and even payment options. 

These self-serve coffee machines are designed with the end-user in mind, featuring user-friendly interfaces, payment options including cashless systems, and adherence to the highest hygiene standards. They also offer a broad variety of beverage choices, ensuring everyone's favourite hot drink is on tap. 

For staff, this translates into a more satisfying and productive workplace, where high-quality coffee is always just moments away.

Roast & Ground adds to those benefits by offering comprehensive training and support, plus scheduled deliveries to your doorstep for all your coffee beans and consumables to ensure you get the best out of your coffee-to-go machine. 

How to choose the right coffee-to-go machine

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to find the right self-service coffee machine that works best for your business.

Roast & Ground supply and install a hand-picked selection of machines for that coffee-to-go experience, from compact countertop coffee units to large-scale coffee vending machines. You can also choose to add additional features and accessories to customise your coffee-to-go machine, such as cup warmers, fridge storage, syrup dispensers and payment modules.

The decision to purchase, lease, or rent a machine from Roast & Ground offers the flexibility to align your choice with your budget, cash flow, preferences and operational needs. We provide a full installation service for your coffee-to-go machine, with the option for ongoing maintenance and servicing contracts to ensure your coffee service remains uninterrupted and of the highest quality.

Self-service coffee machines - your questions answered

What businesses can use self-service coffee machines? 

Any establishment that wants to offer a convenient, high-quality coffee solution to its customers or staff can benefit from having a self-service coffee machine.

Coffee-to-go machines are a perfect fit for a wide range of businesses, from retail outlets and hospitality venues to corporate settings and catering services. Their adaptability and ease of use make them an ideal coffee solution across sectors.

Is a self-serve coffee machine right for my business?

Does your premises experience high foot traffic? Do your customers express a need for fast and high-quality coffee? Would your staff benefit from readily available caffeine?

If you answered yes to any of those and your goal is to provide quick, high-quality coffee with minimal operational overhead, a self-serve coffee machine could be a valuable asset for your business. These machines are also a great way to streamline operations and reduce the workload on staff who could otherwise be focusing on customer service or other tasks.

Consider the volume of drinks required, the desired variety of beverages, and any space constraints to determine the best fit.

Should I lease or buy a self-service coffee machine? 

The choice between leasing, buying, or renting a self-service coffee machine depends largely upon your business's budget, needs, and long-term plans. 

Leasing can offer flexibility and lower upfront costs while purchasing outright might be more cost-effective in the long run. Renting is another viable option, providing short-term solutions without the commitment of leasing or buying.

Roast & Ground offer all these options and can guide you toward the best finance solution for your specific circumstances.

What types of coffee-to-go machines are available?

Roast & Ground offers a wide selection of self-service coffee machines from reputable manufacturers such as Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. The range includes innovative touchscreen models, traditional vending machines, and compact countertop units that bring barista-quality coffee to your establishment. 

Each model has unique features and advantages, and we can guide you in choosing the one that best meets your business' needs – get in touch with us today.

Can I get coffee beans supplied with my machine?

Yes, alongside our machines, Roast & Ground can supply a selection of high-quality ethically sourced coffee beans, tailored to your machine and taste preferences. This ensures that you're serving only the freshest, most delicious coffee to your customers and staff.

Is maintenance and servicing included?

Yes, Roast & Ground offer maintenance and servicing for your self-service coffee machine. 

Annual filter inspections as well as routine onsite maintenance and repairs are included in your service contract, and you can add our fully operated or cleaning service too.

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