Boiling Water Taps 

Ditch traditional kettles

Want to provide boiling water for tea and hot drinks without having to buy a kettle? Want to provide everything staff need without the mess of a typical workplace kitchen?

Boiling water taps can help!

Boiling water taps provide instant boiling water straight from the tap, so you no longer need a kettle or water heater – or the hassle of maintaining them. They safely deliver fast boiling water alongside ambient and chilled water on demand, while keeping the kitchen clutter-free.

Quick, efficient and simple to operate, Roast & Ground’s carefully selected boiling water taps deliver the amenities staff need with the bonus of convenience that benefits your business.

Three great brands to choose from


Eco-saving technology and stylish colour options


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Quality German engineering, world-renowned filtration


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Great value and reliability with simple touch dispense


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Billi Quadra

The Billi Quadra is a multifunction tap that can dispense hot, cold, ambient and/or sparkling water depending on the model you choose.

Billi is a stylish Australian brand that emphasises good looks and doesn't compromise functionality.

It speedily delivers instant hot water, as well as ambient and chilled. A smart heat recovery system uses waste heat from chilling water to preheat the boiling water – an eco-friendly efficiency that makes Billi very popular.

The Billi Quadra can dispense up to 50 litres of chilled water and up to 4 cups of boiling water per minute.

  • Smart, attractive design 
  • Instant boiling water, ambient, sparkling or chilled 
  • Built-in water filter for a clean taste
  • Ideal for larger workplaces or offices
  • Energy saving mode that reuses water heat
  • Optional accessories to add flexibility 

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Brita Extra C tap

The Brita Extra C tap from Roast & Ground is a stylish instant boiling water tap from one of the most recognised and trusted names in the industry.

This tap delivers instant boiling water on demand and is capable of providing 3-4 cups of boiling water per minute or up to 60 litres of ambient water per hour.

The Brita Extra C tap can be installed anywhere with a freshwater feed and drainage. It has a small footprint, the tap is easy to maintain and with the Roast & Ground service plan you can leave the annual maintenance and filter changes to us.

  • Well-designed boiled water tap
  • Built-in Brita filter to ensure the water tastes terrific 
  • Can dispense chilled, ambient, boiling or sparkling water depending on the model
  • Robust safety features to protect staff
  • Optional accessories to add more flexability
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • and of course great taste!

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Ezytap 7800

The Ezytap 7800 is a stylish boiling water tap ideal for smaller offices and workplaces. It has a smart gooseneck design with touchpad operation and works amazingly well.

It delivers instant hot water as well as chilled water and can provide 14 litres of boiling water and up to 11.5 litres of chilled water per hour – at a great price too. 

The Ezytap 7800 is easy to use. There’s an indicator that tells you when water is heating and a safety cut-out to prevent accidents.

  • Instant chilled or boiled water 
  • Built-in scale protection for the boiler 
  • Visible water heating indicator
  • Ideal for smaller offices or workplaces 
  • Includes safety cut-out to prevent damage

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Boiling Water on Tap

Boiling water taps are the most efficient way to deliver boiling water for drinks fast. There’s no waiting around for a kettle, no queuing for the water heater and no having to clean up everything afterwards.

Having boiling water on tap is the most cost-effective, time-saving and energy-efficient way to provide boiling water to offices and workplaces.

Not everyone wants a cup of fresh bean-to-cup coffee from a machine – and even many coffee drinkers prefer tea, herbal infusions or hot chocolate in the afternoon. Choice is everything and an instant boiling water tap delivers that choice.

Roast & Ground’s boiling water taps have all been selected for their ease of use, safety features and low maintenance requirements.

Each will be fully installed in your workplace and can be fully maintained – including regular filter changes – its all part of the Roast & Ground service..