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In an industry as busy and as vital as healthcare, being able to offer staff, residents and guests a delicious cup of hot coffee is essential.

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Choose a machine for your healthcare setting

Picking a coffee machine, or multiple machines, that can cater to the needs of staff as well as visitors is our speciality. Roast & Ground can help with that with our selection of hand-picked bean to cup healthcare coffee machines.

All our healthcare coffee machines deliver fresh, aromatic coffee. Some are contactless too! Each machine is supported by our flexible maintenance, repair and cleaning services to ensure the finest cup of coffee is always close by.

Whether you want to offer bean to cup coffee to staff or to patients and visitors, our range of superb machines deliver!




At a glance: Everything you need for great coffee

Superior Service: High quality, low cost healthcare coffee machines complete with support, installation, training, preventative maintenance and repairs.

Coffee Machines:Reliable healthcare coffee machines from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. The most reliable machines that deliver exceptional coffee 24/7.

Drinks Selection: Healthcare coffee machines that deliver delicious espresso, americano, ristretto, mocha, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white, decaf coffee, hot water, hot chocolate, hot milk and other drinks.

Delicious Fresh Coffee Beans: A range of Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffee beans to suit most tastes and budgets.

Full Support: Full support that includes installation, servicing, preventative maintenance, filter changes and cleaning.

Next Day Delivery: Coffee beans, other drinks and consumables available with next day delivery.

Capacity: Healthcare coffee machines capable of reliably serving between 80 to 550 delicious cups of coffee per day. Need more? Just ask!

Services: Roast & Ground can set up and install your healthcare coffee machine, provide onsite maintenance and repairs, preventative maintenance, filter changes, boiler pressure checks, machine cleaning, water tap installation and anything else you might need.

Sustainability: Roast & Ground is committed to sustainability and we do everything we can to minimise waste. Check out our 10-point checklist.

Healthcare coffee machines - your questions answered

Do you provide contactless healthcare coffee machines?

Yes, we do provide contactless healthcare coffee machines. We appreciate that healthcare environments have specific considerations and hygiene is chief among them.

We have contactless coffee machines, app-enabled machines and QR code-compatible coffee machines. All deliver the same high quality coffee experience with minimal risk.

Can your healthcare coffee machines serve staff as well as patients and visitors?

Yes, our healthcare coffee machines can serve staff as well as patients and visitors. For smaller facilities, we have artisanal machines that can serve from 60 cups per day. For larger facilities, we have more capable coffee machines capable of serving up to 550 cups per day.

We can install your coffee machine anywhere you like, for staff, patients or visitors.

Can you deliver coffee to us when we need it?

Yes, we certainly can deliver coffee when you need it. We can either set up scheduled deliveries so you never run short or you can order as and when required from our online store. Order before 2pm for next day delivery. Otherwise, we’ll deliver as soon as possible.

Do healthcare coffee machines include servicing and maintenance?

All healthcare coffee machines come with options for installation, preventative maintenance, filter changes and onsite repair. We also offer cleaning and other support services should you require them.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can provide a personalised quotation.

Can your coffee machines dispense drinks other than coffee?

Yes, our coffee machines can dispense drinks other than coffee. We have a selection of delicious coffees, but some of our machines can also dispense tea, hot chocolate, hot and cold water, hot and cold milk and other drinks too.

Our coffee range includes Nine to Five, Powwow, Molten Toffee or Pura Decaf or the more distinctive Pick Me Up and Borough Blend so there’s something for everyone.

Are your healthcare coffee machines capable of working in a 24/7 environment?

Roast & Ground carefully selected the most reliable healthcare coffee machines available. With our on-site maintenance and repair plans, there is absolutely no reason why your machine cannot provide delicious hot drinks every day or night of the week!

Need a hand finding your perfect machine?

We’ll help you choose a model that dispenses at the speed and volume you need, while offering the range of drinks you want. Self-serve, served, payment options? No problem.

To get started just answer these four simple questions and we'll send you our recommendations.