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The perfect blend of coffee solutions tailored for your business

Leasing a coffee machine from Roast & Ground offers a seamless solution for businesses looking to streamline costs whilst also providing their staff with a quality drinks solution in the office..

Whether you're a small enterprise prioritising employee morale or a larger company focused on financial efficiency, our lease coffee machines cater to your unique needs.

Opting for leasing over purchasing ensures that you benefit from cutting-edge coffee technology without the upfront capital investment, allowing you to allocate resources more strategically while providing a cost-effective quality beverage option to satisfy employees or customers on-site.

All lease coffee machines we stock have a reputation for delivering deliciously fresh Barista-quality speciality coffee on time, every time. Some also have the option to serve other drinks like tea and hot chocolate, so that every taste and dietary requirement can be catered for.

We have specially selected lease coffee machines from Jura, Rex-Royal and Coffetek that have each been tried and tested to successfully deliver reliable and consistent quality. Every lease agreement comes with our industry-leading maintenance contracts so you can rest assured in the event of a problem, our support team are just a call away. 

Whatever the size and scope of your business, we have a lease coffee machine to suit. So, if you need a corporate coffee machine for multiple locations, a standalone coffee machine for the office, or something to suit your small business, we have you covered.

Why lease a corporate coffee machine?

Leasing a coffee machine makes sense for any business. Choose the right solution and you can enjoy fresh coffee every day, fuel your workforce and fulfil your corporate social responsibilities, with minimal outlay.

With a leased coffee machine, you pay a monthly or quarterly amount instead of the initial financial investment of buying one outright. It’s a great option if you’re looking to smooth your cash flow.

You still benefit from all the perks of our premium coffee machines, but after a fixed lease period, it can be replaced with an upgraded model so you always have the latest drinks technology or you may have the option of a lease extension.

We can lease one coffee machine for a single location or several machines for multiple locations. Roast & Ground is small enough to care about quality and large enough to deliver premium products with superior service, no matter what type of business you run.

Your peace of mind

When you lease a coffee machine from Roast & Ground, you will have an on-site maintenance and breakdown contract in place to receive ongoing technical support in case your machine encounters any problems. This means you have our coffee machine experts at the end of the phone or email to answer any questions, and when required one of our experienced engineers will be quickly on-site to address any issues with it.

These maintenance contracts give you the peace of mind of knowing that on-site labour and any repair parts are covered. You won’t need to worry about troubleshooting any problems or calling outside engineers who may not have worked with your specific machine before. That’s both your time and money saved, a win-win if you ask us! Perhaps most importantly you’ll keep the coffee machine downtime to an absolute minimum with our rapid response. 

At Roast & Ground, we include installation with all coffee machine leasing agreements. We also offer cleaning and regular refills of your favourite Roast & Ground coffees and other consumables if you like, too.




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How to choose the best coffee machine to lease for your business

Roast & Ground makes it as simple as possible to lease coffee machines for your business.

To get the best machine for your needs, we would typically ask you to consider:

• How many drinks per day you’ll need
• How many coffee machine locations you have
• How much space you have for a coffee machine
• Is there access to mains water and a power source
• What types of drinks you want to provide

Roast & Ground provides many types of lease coffee machines from countertop coffee machines for smaller offices or meeting rooms to large coffee vending machines for larger workplaces.

Some machines are dedicated to brewing bean-to-cup coffee while others can also serve tea, hot chocolate, hot and cold water, hot and cold milk and other drinks too. 

If you need help choosing the right make, model and number of coffee machines for your business, contact one of the Roast & Ground team. We’re here to help!

Coffee machines that support your corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now a key consideration for many businesses. Roast & Ground can help you achieve your goals.

Providing ethically sourced coffee and hot drinks is a small, but very visible way to demonstrate you are serious about corporate social responsibility.

All Roast & Ground coffees are speciality-grade and fully traceable, they are also either Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade accredited.

Showcase your commitment to corporate social responsibility by looking for one or all of these labels on the coffee you choose for your lease coffee machine:

Fuel their Day – Our own blend of coffee which directly supports the charity Only A Pavement Away. It’s a fabulous cause that helps the homeless find work in hospitality and we support it wholeheartedly.

Rainforest Alliance – The Rainforest Alliance aims to help coffee farmers improve their productivity and profitability. It also indicates that it has been produced by sustainable and environmentally friendly practices with biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability in mind.

Fairtrade – Fairtrade is probably the best-known certification of its type. Fairtrade means paying a fair price for products and helping to support the wellbeing of coffee farmers and their communities.

Quality leased coffee machines - your questions answered

Is leasing a coffee machine right for my business?

If your business gets through 70 or more cups of coffee per day and wants to improve the quality of refreshments without the upfront cost, leasing is the way forward. Leases are a convenient way to keep staff fuelled, but there are also other finance solutions available for your coffee machine. 

From 70 cups per day upwards, Roast & Ground has the machine to keep your workforce fuelled.

What coffee machines can I lease?

You can lease coffee machines from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. We rate these manufacturers very highly because of the build quality, reliability and flexibility. 

What’s the quality of coffee like in leased coffee machines?

The quality of coffee in coffee machines depends on so many factors, not least the quality and set-up of the equipment, regular cleaning, preventative maintenance, as well as the coffee beans you use, as well as how fresh they are. 

At Roast & Ground, we take pride in our coffee. So when you source your coffee machine and beans from us, you can be assured that all Roast & Ground coffees are speciality grade, freshly roasted, ethically sourced and tailored to your machine. You’ll also benefit from online ordering and next day delivery, too.

What coffee choices do I have with coffee machines?

Roast & Ground’s wide range of speciality-grade coffee has been hand-picked for quality and taste. Not only are they ethically sourced and fully traceable, but they also work brilliantly in our coffee machines. We offer online ordering and next day delivery on all your coffee, cleaning and other consumables requirements.

Is servicing and maintenance included with the lease?

A maintenance and breakdown contract is provided when you lease a coffee machine and buy your machine consumables from Roast & Ground. This is charged separately to the machine lease and ensures that your coffee machine is always working at its best to deliver great-tasting coffee for your employees and customers.

Cleaning and restocking services can also be offered which are also billed separately.

How do I choose ethical coffee brands for my coffee machine?

First and foremost make sure you buy your coffee from a reputable supplier. All Roast & Ground coffees are fully traceable. You can seek further reassurance by choosing coffees that are either Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade accredited. All coffee from Roast & Ground will carry one of these accreditations.

How long can I lease a coffee machine for?

You can lease a coffee machine for a fixed period which is usually 3 or 5 years. That’s enough time to maximise the return on your investment before upgrading to a newer machine with the latest technology.

Need a hand finding your perfect machine?

We’ll help you choose a model that dispenses at the speed and volume you need, while offering the range of drinks you want. Self-serve, served, payment options? No problem.

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