Hotel and Conference Coffee Machines

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Hotel and Conference Coffee Machines

Delicious coffee is an essential element of the hotel or conference experience. Whether it’s an after dinner macchiato, a breakfast cappuccino, or another speciality for daytime drinking, as an expert in hospitality you’ll know great coffee is a key component of great hospitality.

Roast & Ground has carefully selected some of the best bean to cup coffee machines specifically for the hospitality sector. Whether you’re running a large or boutique hotel, conference centre or similar venue, we have the coffee machines to suit.

Our hotel and conference coffee machine range includes brilliant solutions for the breakfast bar - served or self-serve. Our swiss-made Rex-Royal coffee machines are used widely in hotels and restaurants across the globe. They offer a range of service options from Barista foaming, assisted foaming and fully automatic solutions. Cleverly they can be set up to switch from a served to self-serve solution depending on the requirements.

We offer high capacity bulk brewers and other filter solutions. As well as clever water taps that enable you to serve fresh, chilled water in your own branded bottles.

Our high capacity vending solutions can give customers access to drinks and snacks 24/7.

All Roast & Ground coffee machines come with preventative maintenance, filter changes and repairs too! We understand that a coffee machine breakdown costs time and money. We work hard to minimise breakdowns and our expert engineers are quick to site with the expertise and parts to get your machine back up and running very quickly.




Hotel and conference coffee machines at a glance

Full support – Great quality, reliable bean to cup, filter and traditional coffee machines ideally suited to hotels and conference centres. Delicious coffee, full support and maintenance included.

Coffee machines – Small machines all the way to high-capacity vending machines. All delivering delicious hot coffee.

Coffee and other drinksExpertly blended, coffee and drinks from ethical sources. Our coffees are either rainforest or fairtrade certified.  Our fully automatic bean to cup machines dispense; espresso, americano, ristretto, mocha, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white, decaf coffee, hot water, hot chocolate, hot milk and others. We offer Brita Vivreau water taps.

Online ordering - Roast & Ground has an online store for consumables, coffee and other drinks with easy ordering and next day delivery.

Excellent service – Comprehensive on-site service agreements include filter changes and preventative maintenance, as well as emergency breakdowns. Delivery, installation, coffee refills and more can be included as part of the price.

Fast delivery and installation – Fast delivery on all coffee machines with installation and setup by expert engineers. Our engineers will train the team on use.

Sustainable coffee and coffee machines - Check out our 10-point checklist to understand just how committed we are to sustainability!

Hotel and conference coffee machines - your questions answered

Are your coffee machines suitable for large hotels and conferences?

Yes, our coffee vending machines are capable of serving large hotels and conferences. Larger machines like the Coffetek Neo can dispense up to 550 cups of coffee per day without breaking a sweat!

We offer both smaller coffee machines like the Rex-Royal SCS Compact that can handle 80 cups per day all the way to the Neo at 550. There is sure to be a bean to cup coffee machine in our range that’s perfect for your needs.

Can your coffee machine serve other drinks aside from coffee?

Some of our coffee machines can serve drinks other than coffee. All machines deliver fresh bean to cup coffee but some can dispense other types of drink too.

They can dispense tea, hot chocolate, hot or cold milk, hot or cold water and other drinks too. Contact one of our team if you have specific requirements and we can recommend a particular machine.

Our Rex-Royal bean to cup coffee machines can come with a syrups add-on for automatically adding coffee syrups, or even making an espresso Martini :)

Are there any special requirements when installing a bean to cup coffee machine?

Machines will usually require a water feed, mains power and somewhere to send the waste, but that’s it.

It is always worth keeping the area above and below a coffee machine clear to ensure access to the hoppers above and space for filters etc. below. 

Depending on the coffee machine you’re looking at, you can position them anywhere there is the space and utilities for it to work. Smaller machines may need a flat surface where the larger coffee vending machines can be placed on the floor almost anywhere.

Do hotel and conference coffee machines come with maintenance?

All Roast & Ground hotel and conference coffee machines come with installation, preventative maintenance, filter changes and a full on-site repair service as part of the contract. Cleaning can also form part of that contract if required.

We are always here for you when you need us.

Can you provide the coffee as well as the coffee machine?

We certainly can provide the coffee as well as the coffee machine! We can deliver coffee on demand or on a schedule to suit. We have been refining our Roast & Ground range of beans and ground coffees over 18 years, ensuring that we get the very best out of them when they work hand in hand with our machines. 

Our range includes Nine to Five, Powwow, Molten Toffee, Pick Me Up, Borough Blend Time Out and Pura Decaf.

We can also supply tea, hot chocolate and other drinks and snacks too. You can view our range for next day delivery here.

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