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At the forefront of sustainability

Our Nine to Five beans from Daterra, Brazil 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified

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2-star Winner Great Taste Awards

Single Origin Mugonero beans from Rwanda

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Guaranteed great tasting results time and again

Our founder and chief coffee taster Richard Gray has over 25 years experience sourcing fine coffees specifically for the office environment.

We continuously refine and improve our range, responding to differences in crop to get the tastes we want, and ensuring our coffees work wonderfully with our machines.

Advice on which varieties will suit your team and your machine is all part of the service. Fancy a tasting? No problem.

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Coffee beans

Whether your machine has one, two or three grinders we’ll help you choose the best beans for your situation.

Our blends match every mood and moment of the day.

Easy all-day drinking
Nine to Five
Molten Toffee
Pura Decaf

Robust and distinctive
Pick Me Up
Borough Blend
Time Out

Or try our Single Origin Mugonero from Rwanda - a 2-star Great Taste Award winner.

And, when it comes to decaf, we only sell Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee, the best the industry has to offer.

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Filter coffee

Perfect for filter coffee aficionados, meetings and any time you need to serve jugs of hot coffee, pronto.

Ground coffee is the easy way to offer staff and guests a choice of fabulous flavours.


Choose from
City Roast  |  Team Builder  |  Pick Me Up  |  Time Out

All freshly roasted, as always.

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Roast & Ground

Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance

Which should you be choosing?

Both of these certification systems are valuable, but their purposes differ.

A Rainforest Alliance mark means that the natural resources behind a product or service are sustainable and ‘climate smart’. The farmer producing the coffee is working hard to take care of the planet.

Fairtrade is about pricing and fair treatment of farmers and other workers in developing countries. The vision is to empower producers to combat poverty by ensuring certain social, economic and environmental standards are met.

Our range includes a choice of Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees.

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Our engineers, our baristas

Our engineers are the baristas of our automatic coffee machines. For us, making great coffee takes art, craft and science, demanding great technical know-how. It’s not just about knowing how to make an espresso or flat white - different coffees perform differently in different machines.

But we make it easy for you. We start with fabulous quality coffee machines. We then use our expertise and experience to ensure your machine is calibrated to perform brilliantly, day after day with your chosen coffees.

Our expert engineers will set up and test your machine so that it grinds precisely the right amount of coffee, tamps it, then brews under pressure for the optimum time period to create a perfect, delicious result.

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Easy online ordering with next day delivery

We don’t just sell coffee but black, green and herbal teas, hot chocolate, juices, sugar cubes and sticks - in fact everything you need to keep the office drinks flowing, including cups and cleaning supplies.

Order by 2pm and we’ll deliver next day. Based in or around London? We can even be with you in hours if necessary.

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