Paying for your drinks machines

That’s why we’ve developed a number of ways to help you plan and manage your drinks equipment budget. We’re able to offer rental, lease and purchase options to suit your specific needs – always discussing all options with you to decide which approach is the most efficient and economical for your business.

We’re very happy to help you run the sums and determine the best option for your specific business:



If you’re looking for a flexible approach that spreads the cost and avoids any large initial outlay, rental might be right for you. You simply pay a quarterly charge for a designated period of time – to rent the machine rather than purchase it outright.

The benefits for going rental:

  • Billed quarterly
  • Flexibility
  • Avoid initial outlay



With this option, you pay a monthly or quarterly amount to a leasing company, but again ownership never passes to you. After a fixed period, say three years, you can replace the original machine with an upgraded option – so you and your staff always benefit from the latest drinks technology. Leasing the equipment may appeal if you’re looking to smooth your cash flow situation. Just give us a call to ask if this option is available to your business.

The benefits of leasing with us:

  • Fixed lease period
  • Helps cash flow
  • Upgrade option



This is a straightforward sale – you pay the market price for your new machine and then own it outright.  The benefit of this option is that your business can then claim capital allowances against this purchase.

The benefits for buying upfront:

  • Claim capital allowances
  • Becomes an asset
  • Simple sale

Other Services and Contracts

Maintenance contracts

We offer maintenance, and while we hope that you won’t need to use it very often, breakdown service contracts – to help keep life and business running smoothly if anything goes wrong with your machine. Our quarterly charge covers on-site labour and any repair parts. We also change and charge for filters once or twice a year, depending on drink volume.

Cleaning service

This is an essential consideration that’s often overlooked. We provide a range of cleaning services, which are billed quarterly.

Coffee etc.

Every business is different, but you’ll need to think about the volume of consumables your staff are likely to get through each month. We can tap into our extensive experience of a wide range of customer businesses and team sizes to guide you when it comes to a budget allocation for associated monthly consumables spend – and then bill on delivery.

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