Water Chiller Taps 

Ditch traditional plastic water bottles

Water chiller taps provide fresh chilled water on demand while reducing our reliance on plastic bottles.

Bottled water might seem convenient but it has huge environmental and financial costs. Bottles are expensive, they aren’t always recycled, storing them wastes valuable space, and public opinion has turned firmly against them.

Water chiller taps are the solution

Delicious fresh water chilled within the system and with the option to enjoy sparkling, still, or boiling water too. It’s the ideal solution for offices and modern workplaces!

Three great brands to choose from


Eco-saving technology and stylish colour options


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Quality German engineering, world-renowned filtration


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Great value and reliability with simple touch dispense


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Water Chiller Taps

Water chiller taps dispense chilled water without requiring a refrigerator or the use of bottles. Now you can provide everything staff need to stay cool and hydrated with a water chiller tap from Roast & Ground!

Depending on the model you choose, water chiller taps can dispense chilled, ambient, sparkling and even boiling water, all from the same reliable, low maintenance tap.

They’re stylish too. All these chilled water taps can be supplied and fully installed by Roast & Ground. We also provide filter changes and full maintenance as part of the package.

Brita Extra C tap

The well-designed Brita Extra C tap will deliver chilled, boiling, ambient and sparkling water from the same statuesque water tap in an instant. What's more, all the water is filtered for that extra-clean taste and hygiene hit.

The Brita Extra C chilled water filter tap can deliver up to 60 litres per house of refreshing chilled water, ideal for offices and workplaces.

The tap is easy to use, simple to install and maintain and provides reliable fresh filtered water from a brand you can trust.

  • Modern design with wide appeal 
  • Can dispense chilled, boiling, ambient and sparkling water 
  • Built-in water filter from Brita 
  • Innovative safety features to keep staff safe 
  • Optional Brita accessories available

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Ezytap 7800

The Ezytap 7800 is a chilled water tap that's very popular with small offices and workplaces. It has been designed to look good while offering low maintenance, clear water for staff use.

The Ezytap 7800 is a chilled water tap that can dispense hot water too. You could replace a kettle and water cooler with one modest-sized tap while delivering up to 11.5 litres of chilled water per hour.

  • Ideal for modest-sized offices with moderate water needs
  • Chilled water tap that can also dispense hot water.
  • Smart, modern gooseneck design
  • Built-in boiler scale protection features 
  • Safety cut-out to prevent damage

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Billi Quadra 

 The Billi Quadra chilled water tap is a stylish option for a small to medium-sized offices. It's capable of delivering up to 50 litres of chilled water per hour along with boiling or sparkling water depending on the model.

The Billi Quadra is a reliable chilled water filter tap with an attractive design and exceptional ease of use.

It has been designed to deliver pure, fresh filtered water with minimal installation and maintenance and has different versions depending on your needs.

  • Well-designed taps with wide appeal
  • Able to dispense chilled and boiling or chilled, boiling and sparkling water 
  • Includes filters for superior water quality 
  • Integrated safety features to keep staff safe  
  • Energy saving mode to minimise running costs 

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Reliable chilled water filter taps for business 

Roast & Ground's best-in-class range of high quality chilled water taps provides a choice of well-designed models that look good, perform well and deliver delicious fresh water.

Chilled water taps that can also dispense ambient, hot, or sparkling water (depending on the model) will help keep staff happy and hydrated while minimising running costs and maintenance. 

Contact Roast & Ground today for top quality chilled water taps for your office or workplace!

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