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Great value reconditioned coffee machines

Reconditioned coffee machines from Rex-Royal provide the same high quality bean to cup coffee as new machines, at a fraction of the price!

All reconditioned coffee machines have been fully inspected and serviced and will be as good as new. There may be signs of wear and tear but we keep this to an absolute minimum.

Rex-Royal coffee machines have an excellent reputation for being robust and reliable so they are ideal to use as reconditioned machines. Each has been designed to deliver a long and faithful service, so it would be a pity to not utilise them to their full potential.

Plus, reconditioned coffee machines are how recycling should be. Reusing quality items without compromising on reliability and value!


At a glance: Everything you need for great coffee

Ex-site Coffee Machines: High quality Rex-Royal coffee machines capable of many years’ faithful service.

Fully Reconditioned: Each coffee machine will have been fully checked and tested by skilled technicians with worn parts replaced.

Full Service and Support: Roast & Ground will advise on the best machine for your requirements, provide full setup, installation and training, on-going servicing of your reconditioned coffee machine, filter changes and repairs,  so it’s always ready to serve.

Coffee Beans: Ethically sourced, expertly blended and freshly roasted. We provide the coffee beans as well as the coffee machine.

Drinks Range: Espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, mocha, Americano, flat white, decaf coffee, hot water, hot chocolate, hot milk, ristretto and more.

Next Day Delivery: Order online, by phone or email and we’ll deliver everything you need for your coffee machine, next day.

Water: Our expert installers will set up your reconditioned coffee machine, connect it to power and mains water and provide onsite servicing and support.

Capacity: Reconditioned coffee machines from Rex-Royal have capacities from 80 to 220 hot drinks per day.

Sustainability: Reconditioned machines fit perfectly into our social responsibility ethos. Check out our 10-point checklist.

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Reconditioned coffee machines - your questions answered

How many cups of coffee can your reconditioned coffee machines serve each day?

The number of cups our reconditioned coffee machines can serve depends on the model you buy. Each Rex-Royal machine is capable of handling between 80 and 220 cups per day. Need more volume? The machines can be set up with different fridge sharing options.

The Rex-Royal S500 can deliver up to 250 cups per day, the S300 can handle up to 200 cups per day, the Rex-Royal S2 up to 150 cups per day and the SCS Compact up to 80 cups per day.

Are reconditioned coffee machines like new?

All reconditioned coffee machines provided by Roast & Ground will operate like new, be as reliable as new and will look as close to new as possible.

There may be minor signs of wear and tear on the exterior of the machine but we try to keep this as minimal as possible. All the inner workings of the coffee machine will be fully checked and serviced and any worn parts replaced. So even if it doesn’t look brand new, it will work like it!

Do reconditioned coffee machines come with servicing and maintenance?

Yes, all our reconditioned coffee machines can come with full on-site servicing and maintenance. We will help you set up the coffee machine when we install it and the service contracts we provide cover regular servicing and maintenance during its lifetime.

Do your coffee machines come with coffee?

Yes, our coffee machines come with coffee. We source the highest quality coffee from around the world. Single origin and quality blends we have chosen to deliver the best in terms of value and taste.

Our coffee range includes Nine to Five, Powwow, Molten Toffee or Pura Decaf or more distinctive Pick Me Up, Borough Blend or Time Out. We can deliver coffee next day.

Can your reconditioned coffee machines dispense other drinks?

Most reconditioned coffee machines in the Rex-Royal range can dispense drinks other than coffee. The Rex-Royal S500 for example, can dispense hot or cold milk, hot water and hot chocolate.

Need a hand finding your perfect machine?

We’ll help you choose a model that dispenses at the speed and volume you need, while offering the range of drinks you want. Self-serve, served, payment options? No problem.

To get started just answer these four simple questions and we'll send you our recommendations.