Hot Drink Vending Machines

Fresh hot drinks from coffee to tea, chocolate to cold milk

Hot drink vending machines from Roast & Ground provide fresh hot drinks from coffee to tea, chocolate to cold milk. Each has been designed to provide reliable, efficient vending for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The Roast & Ground hot drink vending machine range includes high capacity machines for larger organisations and lower capacity artisan machines for smaller businesses. Each has the ability to deliver a range of hot drinks day or night.

Our range includes the Canto Coffee Shop, models from renowned Swiss manufacturer Rex-Royal, desirable Coffetek machines and the artisanal Jura hot drink vending machines.

Some machines are designed to deliver fabulous tasting coffee, and nothing else. Others can dispense a range of hot and cold drinks, including fresh ground coffee and fresh brewed tea.

All hot drink vending machines from Roast & Ground can be supplied, fitted, maintained and kept full by our expert team. Contact us to discuss your needs!




Great value hot drink vending machines - your questions answered

What types of drinks can your hot drink vending machines serve?

Our selection of top quality hot drink vending machines can serve espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, mocha, black or white coffee, decaf coffee, hot chocolate, hot and cold milk and a range of other drinks.

It’s up to you what drinks you provide. Many of our machines can be customised to suit any particular taste or dispense any type of drink you like!

How many cups per day can your hot drink vending machines dispense?

Our range of hot drink vending machines cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The Canto Coffee Shop coffee vending machine can dispense up to 450 hot drinks per day.

The Jura GIGA can dispense between 150 and 250 hot drinks per day and the Jura X6 and X8 can produce up to 80 per day.

The Coffetek Neo can dispense up to 550 hot drinks per day, the Vitro X3 Duo and X3 Expresso up to 210 hot drinks per day.

The Rex-Royal S500 and S300 can dispense up to 200 hot drinks per day, the Rex-Royal S2 up to 150 per day and the SCS Compact up to 80 hot drinks per day.

Whatever type of business you run, there’s a hot drink vending machine here that’s ideal!

Can you supply the drinks as well as the hot drink vending machines?

Yes, we can! We can provide a wide range of drinks that can be dispensed by our machines. While we specialise in coffee, we can supply anything you need.

Our Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffee selection includes Nine to Five, Powwow, Molten Toffee, Pick Me Up, Borough Blend, Time Out or Pura Decaf. We can provide a tasting or samples upon request.

Are your hot drink vending machines contactless?

Some of them are yes! Roast & Ground regularly works with businesses with specific hygiene requirements so we make sure some of our hot drink vending machines are touch free.

Some use a motion detector over buttons for selections while others can be configured to use an app. Either way, we have the hot drink vending machine to suit.

Contact Roast & Ground to discuss your needs. We’re sure to have the perfect hot drink vending machine for you!

Looking for the right office coffee machine for your business?

We’re here to help. We’ll help you select a model that dispenses at the speed and volume you need, while also offering the range of drinks you want. Download our free guide for a quick overview.

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