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Service Office Coffee Machines 

There’s no doubt that Britain has developed a strong coffee culture, with coffee being at the heart of our working days, indeed our everydays! 

The combination of great quality bean to cup coffee machines, fresh coffee beans and expert engineers from Roast & Ground, ensures you can deliver the high quality coffee your customers and their visitors demand.

We offer a bespoke range of top-flight serviced office coffee machines, suitable for served and self-serve situations, that deliver the volumes and coffee specialities you need. 

Our coffee machines are efficient, quiet, reliable and come with on-site servicing, repair and maintenance too!

We feature coffee machines for serviced offices from Jura, Coffetek and Rex-Royal. Three manufacturers we have lots of experience with and who manufacture dependable coffee machines for any situation. We offer machines with different payment options - free, card and coins - as well as clever touch free screen technology.

Our bean to cup coffee machine range can deliver between 80 and 550 cups of coffee per day. Whatever your needs, our serviced office coffee machines can deliver!




Serviced office coffee machines at a glance

Coffee machines for offices, serviced offices, flexi offices and similar workplace environments – Efficient coffee vending machines, delicious coffee, preventative maintenance and repairs.

Coffee machines – Reliable commercial coffee machines from leading manufacturers offering quiet efficiency in offices and workplaces.

Bean to cup coffee – Delicious blends with distinctive flavours and aroma. Our mission is to deliver coffee as good as you’ll find on the high street.

A machine for any office – Top quality coffee machines with capacities from 80 cups up to full high-capacity coffee vending machines capable of serving 550 cups per day. Need more? Many of our machines offer stylish multiple display options.

Not just coffee – Machines that can provide hot chocolate, hot and cold water, hot and cold milk and other drinks depending on your needs. Espresso Martini and other syrups? No problem!

Servicing and repair – All on-site service contracts include preventative maintenance, filter changes and repairs. Cleaning, regular espresso checks and other services can be added too.

Next day delivery on coffee, other drinks and snacks – Our online store is open 24/7 for orders of coffee and other drinks with fast delivery to your office. You’ll also find biscuits, energy bars, tea… all the essentials to keep your customers, visitors and staff energised.

Commitment to sustainability – We take sustainability seriously and are happy to prove it. Check out our 10-point checklist.

Coffee machines for serviced and flexi offices - your questions answered

What are the capacities of your serviced office coffee machines?

Roast & Ground has a coffee machine for every situation with capacities ranging from 80 cups per day up to 550.

Rex-Royal  coffee machines ideal for serviced offices include the SCS Compact that can dispense up to 80 cups per day, the Rex-Royal S2 up to 150 cups, the Rex-Royal S300 up to 200 cups and the Rex-Royal S500 over 200 cups per day.

The Coffetek range of serviced office coffee machines are equally capable. The Coffetek Neo can dispense 550 cups of coffee per day, the Vitro X3 Duo up to 210 cups and the Vitro X3 Espresso up to 210 cups per day. New additions to our range also include the Coffetek Vitro X1 and Vitro X1 MIA (up to 150 cups per day) and Vitro S1 (up to 60 cups per day) which are great for smaller offices.

The Jura range of office coffee machines includes the Jura X6 that can dispense up to around 80 cups of coffee per day, the Jura X8 up to 80 cups per day, the Jura GIGA X3c that can dispense up to 150 cups and the Jura GIGA X8c that can dispense over 250 cups per day.

Do your coffee machines produce other drinks as well as coffee?

Yes, they do! All our range deliver first-class coffee but some can also produce fresh tea, hot chocolate, hot or cold water and milk too.

You can order your supplies of coffee, tea and other drinks as and when required or they can be delivered on a schedule that suits you.

Can your coffee machines for serviced offices dispense other drinks too?

Yes, our  office coffee machines can dispense other drinks as well as fresh coffee. They can dispense tea, hot chocolate, hot and cold milk, hot and cold water and other drinks too. We also supply water taps which dispense chilled, boiling and sparkling water in various combinations.

All drinks can be ordered from our online store and delivered next day to your office. It’s all part of the service!

What’s included with office coffee machines?

All Roast & Ground office coffee machines include installation, preventative maintenance, filter changes, repairs and can include cleaning too. We can also provide refills for coffee and other drinks on demand or on a schedule.

We aim to fulfil all your hot drink needs with a simple, easy to manage contract that covers everything you need.

Can you provide the coffee for office coffee machines too?

Yes, we provide the coffee for office coffee machines! We have designed a holistic service that delivers everything. 

Roast & Ground coffees are designed to work brilliantly in our machines. They are tried and tasted!

Our coffees include Nine to Five, Powwow, Molten Toffee, Pick Me Up, Borough Blend, Time Out and Pura Decaf. We can also supply tea, hot chocolate and other drinks too, as well as delicious snacks. You can view our range for next day delivery here.

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