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The ultimate in ease and sophistication. Bean-to-cup coffee machines take freshly roasted whole bean coffee, grind it, then brew to perfection, at the touch of a button. Fully automatic machines will add fresh or granular milk for you. Many caterers prefer models with a steam arm so catering staff can froth the milk themselves.

We have crafted our bean-to-cup machine range to offer the best solution for the task and budget. We major on Swiss company Rex-Royal – the top choice for high volume workplaces requiring a wide range of drinks. Coffeetek is one of our highly reliable value options, while in some circumstances we find the commercial Jura machine is just what’s needed.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a bean-to-cup coffee machine. Why not get in touch and let us advise you?

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Rex-Royal S500

Rex Royal S500 coffee machine

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Rex-Royal S300


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Rex-Royal S200 S200 front

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Rex-Royal SCS Compact


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Jura X6

Image - Jura JX6 Main Image edit.jpg

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Jura X8

Image - Jura JX8 Main Image.jpg

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Jura GIGA X3c


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Cino XS Grande PB Plus


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Let us help you choose the right drinks machines for your office.

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