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At Roast & Ground, we make it easy for you to provide customers and staff with the taste and aroma of delicious freshly ground coffee.

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Coffee machines for pubs and bars

Modern technology has provided a fabulous range of options, from traditional machines,  filter coffee machines and bulk brewers, to reliable, fully-automatic bean-to-cup pub and bar coffee machines.

Our bean to cup machines can do the hard work for you, making delicious espresso, cappuccino, and hot chocolate like an expert barista, time and time again. They can even provide steam wand options for when you want them, and a fully automated solution for when you don't. 

As experts with over 18 years’ experience in the industry, Roast & Ground takes pride in hand-selecting the perfect coffee machine for each setting.  We work with some of the best names in the business and provide machines that can deliver anything from 60 to 550 cups per day. 

We’ll support you with regular deliveries of delicious coffee, as well as other machine consumables, so you never run out. We also tailor the drinks to meet your particular needs. 

Our highly trained engineers supply the maintenance services that ensure your machines produce satisfying drinks day in and day out. We can even help you with water boilers, coolers and Brita Vivreau water taps too.

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At a glance: Everything you need for great tasting bean to cup coffee to fuel the day

Superior Service: High quality bean to cup coffee machines for pubs and bars. Professional advice, installation, training, maintenance and repairs are all part of the package.

Coffee Machines: Leading coffee machines from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura, ideal for pubs and bars that want to offer the full range of refreshments.

Drinks Selection: Coffee machines for pubs and bars, capable of providing espresso, americano, ristretto, mocha, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white, decaf coffee, hot water, hot chocolate, hot milk and more. We also provide filter coffee machines and water taps.

Delicious Fresh Coffee Beans: A range of fresh Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffee beans offering different taste profiles, at affordable prices.

Full Support: Installation, onsite servicing, filter changes, preventative maintenance and cleaning too.

Next Day Delivery: Everything you need for your coffee machine, delivered to your door.

Capacity: Pub and bar coffee machines capable of delivering anywhere between 60 cups of coffee a day up to 550. Need more? We can recommend the best coffee machine for your needs.

Services: Our expert engineers set-up and install your machine. Ongoing support via onsite maintenance and repairs, preventative maintenance, filter changes, boiler pressure checks, machine cleaning and more.

Sustainability: We are committed to sustainability and do everything we can to minimise waste. Check out our 10-point checklist.

Pub and bar coffee machines - your questions answered

Can your bar and pub coffee machines serve customers as well as staff?

Yes, our bar and pub coffee machines can serve customers as well as staff. Our machines come in different sizes and capacities for a wide range of situations. They provide delicious coffee on-demand and provide a valuable income stream opening up new day part trading opportunities such as breakfast, business meetings, takeaways and the likes.

With capacities from 60 up to 550 cups per day, there’s a bar and pub coffee machine here that’s perfect for your premises.

What coffee machines do you provide?

We provide great quality Swiss-made coffee machines that are robust, cost effective and reliable bean to cup coffee machines

Rex-Royal – From Rex-Royal we have the S500, S300 and S2.

Coffetek – From Coffetek we have the Neo, Vitro X3 Duo, Vitro X3 Espresso, Vitro X1/X1 Mia and Vitro S1

Jura – From Jura we have the Jura GIGA X8/X8c, Jura GIGA X3/X3c, Jura X8 and Jura X6.

Can I serve coffee to go from my bar and pub coffee machine?

Yes, you can provide the coffee to go from your bar and pub coffee machine. We offer a wide range of coffee beans ready to deliver next day. We also provide tea, hot chocolate and other drinks too, depending on your needs.

Roast & Ground has created some unique coffees specially for our customers. They include Nine to Five, Powwow, Molten Toffee, Pura Decaf, Pick Me Up, Borough Blend or Time Out. They are all either Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance accredited. 

We think you’ll love them!

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