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Delicious, fresh coffee on demand

Coffee vending machines deliver delicious fresh coffee on demand, ideal for the modern workplace. The Roast & Ground selection of leading coffee vending machines includes brands from some of the highest-rated manufacturers in the world!

We carefully selected our coffee dispenser machines to include a range of capacities and coffee types. From the beautiful and innovative Rex-Royal range to the ever-reliable Coffetek to the achingly stylish Jura, there’s a coffee vending machine here that’s perfect for your business!

Smaller businesses will love the Rex-Royal SCS Compact or Jura X6. Larger businesses will benefit from the Rex-Royal S500, Coffetek Neo or Jura GIGA. All are designed to deliver fresh ground coffee continuously with very little maintenance. Just what you need to keep your workforce fuelled!

Roast & Ground’s coffee vending machines aren’t just about coffee either. Some can serve tea, hot chocolate, hot water and other drinks too!




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Great value coffee machines - your questions answered

Which coffee vending machine is right for my business?

The right coffee vending machine depends on the size of your business and how much your staff like coffee! All our machines work well in commercial settings. Smaller enterprises may prefer a smaller SCS Compact, new S2, or Jura X6 or X8 machine. Larger businesses may need the higher capacity Rex-Royal S500 or any of the Coffetek range.

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Do your coffee vending machines produce other drinks too?

Aside from a comprehensive range of specialty coffees, many products in our coffee vending machine range can also produce lovely fresh tea, sumptuous chocolate and other instant drinks, hot or cold water and more. If you have specific requirements contact one of our sales team who would be happy to help.

How many cups per day can your coffee vending machines handle?

Each model in the Roast & Ground range has a different capacity. The Jura X6 and X8 can produce up to 80 cups per day, the Jura GIGA between 150 and 250 cups per day. 

The Coffetek Neo delivers up to 550 cups per day, the Vitro X3 Duo and X3 Expresso up to 210 cups per day.

The Rex-Royal S500 is a big on quality and volume, happily delivering 250-300 and more cups per day, the S300 can handle up to 200 cups per day, the Rex-Royal S2 up to 150 cups per day and the SCS Compact up to 80 per day.

Finally, the Canto Coffee Shop coffee vending machine can manage up to 450 cups per day.

Does Roast & Ground also provide the coffee for these vending machines?

Yes, we do! We not only provide the latest coffee vending machines, but also the coffee and other drinks to go with them, as well as the cleaning products. We also offer service contracts which cover filter changes and onsite service and repairs.

We offer our own Roast & Ground coffee range that has been refined over many years. Our range has been chosen to work perfectly in our machines. Our Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffee selection includes Nine to Five, Powwow, Molten Toffee, Pick Me Up, Borough Blend, Time Out and Pura Decaf.

Are your coffee vending machines touch free?

With a view to minimising use of shared items in offices and other communal spaces, we offer a number of touch free solutions. Some of our coffee vending machines enable you to order drinks from your phone with the use of an app or QR code. Others offer touch less technology. Whatever your preference you can rest assured we’re on your side when it comes to ensuring the health, happiness and wellbeing of your colleagues and clients,   If you have special or specific requirements for your business, our team will be only too happy to help.

Need a hand finding your perfect machine?

We’ll help you choose a model that dispenses at the speed and volume you need, while offering the range of drinks you want. Self-serve, served, payment options? No problem.

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