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We pride ourselves on putting the best machines in the right places

With over 20 years’ experience matching coffee machines to workspaces, we know how to keep organisations well-fuelled. Whether you want to sip handcrafted espresso or simply point and let a state-of-the-art bean to cup machine be the barista, we’ll install and maintain the perfect machine for you.



Bean to cup coffee machines are perfect for busy offices. At the touch of a button they provide delicious fresh coffee on-demand to help keep morale and energy high. They dispense quickly, produce minimal waste and are exceptionally efficient.

Our office coffee machines are also reliable and easy to maintain, making them ideal for a wide range of environments and businesses – not just bustling offices but every kind of workplace from hairdressers to health care settings and hotels.

Meeting Rooms

What better way to keep staff fuelled during meetings than with delicious fresh coffee? Many of our meeting room coffee machines are modestly sized and unobtrusive, ideal for board rooms, conference rooms and the likes.

Meeting room coffee machines can produce fresh coffee and other drinks on demand. Hosting a crowd? Our filter coffee machines and bulk brewers will step up to the demands of even the largest meetings.

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Improve the quality of your coffee and you’ll increase the footfall in your canteen and raise the spirits of everyone who uses it. A quality bean to cup machine will help canteen staff deliver great tasting drinks, consistently.

There are models that allow for manual or automatic milk foaming, depending on the preference of the user. With a choice of beans, up to three milk types, hot chocolate and other instant options, and huge hot water capacity for multiple tasks, the bean to cup machine really is akin to having a barista on your team. Alternatively, a self-serve model can take the pressure off canteen staff, especially at peak times, ensuring that everyone can enjoy delicious coffee and other hot drinks at the push of a button.

Reception Areas

First impressions count. Make sure you give a warm welcome by offering high quality, fresh coffee to guests, visitors, clients and new starters. There’s nothing quite like the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee to make people feel relaxed and welcome.

Roast & Ground’s reception area coffee machines enable you to provide high quality coffee from a low maintenance, easy-to-use, self-contained machine. They’re hand-picked, like all our machines, specifically to meet the needs of busy offices.



Fresh coffee helps fuel British industry so it makes sense to ensure the boardroom offer is a quality one! Help executives make the right decisions by keeping them alert and satisfied with delicious bean to cup coffee.

Boardroom coffee machines can be modestly sized, unobtrusive, and easy to use, all while delivering amazing coffee and other drinks on demand. Perfect for those marathon board meetings!

Self-serve or Served

Office coffee machines from Roast & Ground are individually specified to ensure they perfectly suit the specific needs of each and every customer. There is a lot to consider, including drink volume, drinks range, location and usage. So, no matter whether you need a self-serve or served machine, your model will be tailor-made to your requirements.

Contactless or one-touch ordering, fast coffee dispensing and consistently high-quality drinks – we can provide them all, for a broad range of office environments.


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Helping you choose the best machine for your needs

You can choose from top brands including Rex-Royal, Jura, Coffetek and Bravilor, all hand-selected to work beautifully with our coffee. We’ll advise on the perfect solution for your specific needs and ensure your new machine is set up to deliver superb tasting drinks time and time again.

  • Commercial Coffee Machines

    Commercial coffee machines are designed to deliver high-volume, high-quality coffee on demand. The Roast & Ground range of commercial coffee machines can deliver between 80 and 550 hot drinks per day.

    That can include coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a wide range of other delicious hot drinks. Non-dairy alternatives to milk and a delicious selection of high-grade coffee beans including decaffeinated coffee are available.

    Our hand-picked selection of commercial coffee machines includes models from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. All of them produce consistently first-rate coffee on demand.

  • Bean-to-cup Coffee Machines

    Bean to cup coffee machines have come of age. They consistently deliver espresso-based drinks and milk foam in the right combinations for each speciality drink, as well as producing super creamy hot chocolate, tea and more.

    You will see some cafés using these clever machines in preference to traditional machines nowadays, especially where manual milk foaming is still an option. These self-contained models take-away the need for a trained barista, they even help with their own daily maintenance.

    We source our machines from select manufacturers known for their quality and reliability and provide installation, service, on-site repairs and more as part of the package.

  • Filter Coffee Machines

    Filter coffee machines are a simple, highly reliable way to serve superb fresh coffee to a number of people. At Roast & Ground we offer leading models from Bravilor and Marco, two names synonymous with delivering reliability, quality and value.

    Filter coffee machines are a low
    noise, low maintenance way to provide aromatic fresh coffee to staff or guests, in volume. Our bulk brewer can prepare over 500 cups of fresh coffee per hour, enough to satisfy even the thirstiest office or meeting!

    Roast & Ground filter coffees are packed in measured portions to suit our filter coffee machines, so you can enjoy great quality filter coffee, time and time again. Like our coffee beans all filter coffees are either Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance accredited.

  • Touchless Coffee Machines

    An exciting growth area, touchless coffee machines provide the reliability of a fully automatic coffee machine with the added convenience of being contactless. Whether you work in a clean environment or want to offer an extra level of confidence to staff, our range of touch-free coffee machines fits the bill. 

    There really is no compromise in terms of functionality or drink options. Espresso, flat white, hot chocolate, leaf tea and more – all are available. The machine simply registers your selection by sensing when a finger is placed 2cm away from the screen. 


  • Small Coffee Machines

    We believe every business, of every shape and size should be able to enjoy fresh bean to cup coffee. That’s why Roast & Ground offers a hand-picked selection of barista-quality small coffee machines that start from about 100 drinks per day. 

    There’s no compromise on power. Each of our hand-picked small commercial coffee machines delivers the same quality of flavour and aroma, the same automated dispensing and the same reliability as our larger coffee machines, just on a smaller scale. And they look just as sophisticated as the espressos and flat whites they produce.

  • Reconditioned Coffee Machines

    We take great pride in refurbishing our Rex-Royal coffee machines and making them available for rent. Their build quality, longevity and reliability makes them excellent candidates for reconditioned machines. 

    We see this opportunity as a triple whammy. Our engineers enjoy bringing the equipment to a shiny, nearly new state after 3-5 years or more in service. It means we refurbish and reuse equipment rather than recycle it. Finally, it means we have a rental offer for customers who do not necessarily have budget for new equipment or are looking for a short-term solution.

  • Vending Coffee Machines

    Coffee vending machines but not as you know them. You don’t get instant coffee or unhappy staff with our bean to cup vending coffee machines! Each machine delivers high quality, freshly ground, wonderfully satisfying coffee on a scale to suit larger businesses.

    Thanks to cutting edge technology, today’s vending coffee machines can deliver large volumes of freshly brewed bean to cup coffee and other drinks. They are easy to maintain,
    straightforward to refill and easy to clean. Exactly what a coffee vending machine should be!

  • Hot Water Taps, Dispensers & Boilers

    Already have a coffee machine? Want to offer more flexibility to staff? Roast & Ground can also supply and install hot water taps, dispensers and boilers to provide hot water and alternative drink options to businesses around the country.

    Most of our coffee machines serve drinks other than coffee, but for maximum flexibility and hot water capacity, as well as chilled and sparkling water options, we offer a comprehensive range of water taps backed up by our 5* service plans.

  • Traditional Espresso Machines

    Traditional espresso machines bring a café vibe to your workplace. Whether your staff are keen to make their own coffee (we’ll provide training!) or you have a barista on hand to keep the drinks flowing, our powerful Italian-made machines have the right combination of authenticity and cutting-edge technology to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur.

    Roast & Ground’s traditional espresso machines are made in Treviso and paired with a precision grinder from La Rhea to guarantee that wonderful freshly ground coffee aroma delights and impresses everyone in the workplace, from staff and stakeholders to special guests.

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Helping you choose the best machine for your needs

As an independent, family-run business, we know the importance of efficient solutions that help keep costs under control. That’s why we offer a choice of economical payment options to suit your needs.

Whether you rent, lease, or buy, you’ll still be enjoying the best coffee machine brands as well as the ongoing support and back-up services for which Roast & Ground is renowned.

  • Rent Coffee Machines

    Hand-picked state-of-the-art machines with a solution to fit your budget! Rental coffee machines are a fabulous low-commitment way to enjoy first-rate coffee in the workplace while spreading the cost and avoiding a large initial outlay. 

    You’ll enjoy a short-term rolling contract that’s billed quarterly – ideal when you need a temporary solution or other flexible option.

    When you choose to rent a coffee machine with Roast & Ground there’s no compromise on support either. All our rental machines are covered by our usual on-site service contracts, giving you reliability and peace of mind – and we’re always just a phone call or email away.

  • Lease Coffee Machines

    Do you want to enhance the coffee-drinking experience in your workplace without paying upfront? Are you after a coffee machine lease? Roast & Ground has the solution!

    All our new bean to cup coffee machines are available to lease, so you can spread the cost across a number of years. Lease terms are usually 3 or 5 years, but we can offer other terms, maybe one that coincides with your office rental term. 

    Aside from no upfront costs, another advantage of leasing a coffee machine is at the end of the lease you can choose to upgrade your machine or extend the lease depending on what works best for you at the time. 

  • Buy Coffee Machines

    Our durable and reliable state-of-the-art coffee machines really are an asset. Make your shiny new model 100 per cent yours from the start while still being able to spread the cost by claiming capital allowances.

    Roast & Ground has over 20 years of experience hand-picking the best coffee machines and, while buying
    outright doesn’t offer the flexibility some customers require, those whom it suits can relax and enjoy the impressive longevity our excellent machines deliver.

    Whether you lease, rent or buy, with Roast & Ground you, your colleagues and visitors, will enjoy delicious coffees and industry-leading support services to fuel your working days. 

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