Sparkling Water Taps 

Ditch sparkling plastic water bottles

Sparkling water taps provide fresh sparkling water on demand while reducing our reliance on plastic bottles.

Bottled water might seem convenient but it has huge environmental and financial costs. Bottles are expensive, they aren’t always recycled, storing them wastes valuable space, and public opinion has turned firmly against them.

Sparkling water taps are the answer.

Delicious fresh water, carbonated within the system and with the options to enjoy chilled still or boiling water too. It’s the ideal solution for offices and modern workplaces!

Two great brands to choose from


Eco-saving technology and stylish colour options


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Quality German engineering, world-renowned filtration


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High quality sparkling water taps 

We may provide some of the best coffee and coffee machines, but it’s always good to offer choice. At Roast & Ground we value tea, tisane and water drinkers just as much as you do.

Multifunction taps that can dispense hot, ambient, chilled and sparking water offer that choice, as well as a refreshing variety of drinks that boost mood and wellbeing.

The team here at Roast & Ground carefully selects all products for quality and reliability. Every brand and every product we sell delivers the best value and functionality and our sparkling water taps are no different.

They will deliver the quality of water and flexibility your office or workplace demands while keeping everyone healthily hydrated.

All sparkling water taps from Roast & Ground will be professionally installed and covered by our industry leading service contracts which include filter changes and preventative maintenance to ensure they’re always working efficiently.

Billi Quadra

The Billi Quadra tap provides filtered water for larger offices and workplaces. This leading Australian brand’s stylish water taps deliver on design as well as utility.

The Billi Quadra can deliver up to 50 litres of chilled water per hour as well as hot and sparkling water.

It has an innovative heat recovery system that reuses the heat generated by chilling water to preheat hot water – an energy-saving boon for sustainability.

  • Stylish sparkling water tap
  • Built-in filter system for taste and quality 
  • Can provide sparkling/hot/chilled/ambient water
  • Ideal for larger offices or workplaces
  • Clever electronics to save power wherever possible
  • Simple design 

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Brita Extra C tap

The Brita Extra C tap is a high quality water dispenser capable of delivering clean, chilled, hot, still or sparkling water on demand.

It’s ideal for offices and workplaces that want to provide great tasting filtered water without the plastic.

The Brita Extra C tap installs into any kitchen or suitable space, connects to mains and drainage and provides up to 60 litres per hour of fresh chilled or ambient water. It can also deliver 3-4 cups of hot water per minute (85°C).

  • Efficient sparkling water
  • Built-in Brita filter for pristine, great-tasting water
  • Capable of dispensing chilled/ambient/hot/sparkling water 
  • Built in safety features for hot water 
  • Optional accessories to add more flexability
  • Straight forward installation 
  • Low maintenance 

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Sparkling water taps for business

Sparkling water taps from Roast & Ground are just the thing for encouraging staff away from bottled water. They offer fresh, great-tasting filtered water, and can dispense still, sparkling, hot or cold water.

Access to fresh water is a basic right but that doesn’t mean you can’t elevate it. Both the Brita Extra C tap and Billi Quadra look fantastic and are exceptionally easy to use and look after.

They include safety features for hot water and simple instructions for everything else.

Sparkling water taps are the modern solution to a modern problem and we think you’ll agree: every workplace should have one!

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