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For a safer and more hygienic coffee experience

Roast & Ground provides commercial contactless coffee machines from leading manufacturers. Each is designed to provide that rich, flavourful bean to cup appeal with superior hygiene and a safer coffee experience.

All of our coffee machines offer a touch free solution. Touchless coffee machines ensure that minimal contact is required. They enable staff to get the full benefit of a hot, refreshing coffee without having to risk contamination.

Roast & Ground is an approved supplier of touch free coffee machines from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. Each manufacturer has a reputation for delivering consistent quality machines that are reliable, low maintenance and easy to clean.

Our commercial coffee machine range includes all the features you would expect from high performance products with the added benefit of being contactless.

Whether you’re protecting staff from COVID-19 or ensuring maximum hygiene standards, the Roast & Ground range of touchless coffee machine options delivers!




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Great value touchless coffee machines - your questions answered

What touchless coffee machines are available?

Roast & Ground can provide contactless coffee machines from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura.

The Rex-Royal S500, S300, S2 and SCS Compact can be operated using a QR code and app. Coffetek models include the Neo, Vito X3 Duo and Vito X3 Espresso which offer distance selection technology. Jura models include the Giga X8, Giga X3, X8 and X6 coffee machines that can be operated with the Joe app.

How many cups are these commercial coffee machines capable of producing per day?

The capacities differ depending on the model. For example, the Rex-Royal S500 is able to serve over 200 cups of coffee per day. The smaller SCS Compact is capable of up to 80 cups of coffee per day.

The Coffetek range can serve between 210 and 550 cups per day. The larger Neo is capable of serving 550 cups of coffee while the Vito X3 Duo and Vito X3 Espresso can both serve 210.

The Jura range of coffee machines can serve between 80 to 250 cups a day. The Jura Giga X8 can serve up to 250 cups of coffee while the smaller X3 can serve 150 cups and the X8 and X6 both serve around 80 cups per day.

How are these machines contactless?

Our touchless coffee machine range provides amazing coffee with minimal touching by using an app or distance selection.

You can order a coffee through the app and collect it from the machine. It’s smart, simple and uses technology staff will already be familiar with.

Distance selection uses special sensors to detect a finger hovering over the screen. This is enough to make a coffee selection without contact and works incredibly well. This technology was around long before COVID and has proven very effective in hygienically sensitive workplaces.

You can configure each coffee machine to be touchless only or a mixture of touchless and touch screen. It’s entirely up to you!

Do touchless coffee machines come with the coffee?

Roast & Ground built its reputation on delivering delicious, ground coffee so we can definitely provide the coffee to use in your touchless coffee machine!

We have a great range of coffee beans to choose from including, Nine to Five, Powwow, Molten Toffee, Pura Decaf, Pick Me Up, Borough Blend and Time Out. The Pura Decaf is made using the Swiss Water Process which is one of the most highly rated decaf options around!

We also have a new, superb Ethiopian coffee, Kaldi’s Discovery which we challenge is one of the finest coffees money can buy!

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