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The perfect brew for any business

Roast & Ground specialises in coffee machines for every business. 

We have all kinds of coffee machines, including corporate coffee machines for the workplace, reception areas and board rooms, small business coffee machines, commercial coffee machines for larger organisations, as well as coffee vending machines to meet the demands of busy businesses.

If you’re looking for solutions to keep your staff fueled throughout their working day or enhance hospitality for your customers, we offer a full end-to-end service for businesses with 50 or more staff. 

We can supply your coffee machine, install it, deliver fresh coffee beans, and provide expert maintenance, servicing and repairs to keep those hot drinks flowing.

From small espresso machines to large-scale coffee vending machines, Roast & Ground can help you find the right model that fits your business and requirements.

We work with leading manufacturers including Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. Each has a fantastic reputation for quality and reliability, with the features and technology we all look for in a coffee machine.

It’s not all about coffee, either. 

Most of our business coffee machines can dispense a range of hot drinks in addition to great-tasting speciality coffee including tea, hot chocolate, hot or cold milk and water.

We have a range of solutions that can satisfy tea enthusiasts and hot chocolate lovers just as much as the coffee connoisseur. 

And if you don’t already have a water tap in the office, our range of hot and cold water taps and dispenser machines has you covered for the ultimate combination.

Whatever the tastes or preferences, everyone can enjoy delicious fresh drinks!

Coffee machines for every business

Roast & Ground works with companies across London and the South East to provide reliable coffee machines for all different sectors.

We offer high-quality business coffee machines to offices, factories, studios, schools, colleges, universities, government buildings, workshops and any other business that wants to enjoy fresh bean-to-cup coffee. Find out more here.

No matter if you are looking for a coffee machine for one office or multiple locations, Roast & Ground can help. If you employ 50 or more staff and want to dispense 100 or more cups per day, get in touch with us!

You can rent, lease or buy a range of new and refurbished business coffee machines from Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura.

All coffee machines supplied to businesses come with full installation, as well as maintenance and regular servicing.

Freshly roasted coffee beans, teas, biscuits and other drink and treat deliveries are also available with next day delivery.

We only supply makes and models of business coffee machines that we know and trust because they have a proven track record for quality and reliability. 

Our coffee machines come in different sizes for every business. Here’s just an example of the types of businesses we cater for…

• Offices
• Education
• Catering
• Healthcare
• Car dealerships
• Garden centres
• Leisure centres
• Hotels and conferences
• Restaurants, pubs and bars

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How to choose the best coffee machine for your business


Roast & Ground has a selection of coffee machines for business use, in a range of sizes and capacities. Whatever your needs, we have a business coffee machine to match.

Before ordering a coffee machine for your business, it’s useful to assess your needs.

Consider questions such as:

• How many cups per day do you need to provide?
• How much space is available for the coffee machine?
• Do you need other drink options besides coffee?
• Do you want extras such as coffee frothers or steam wands?
• Is there access to mains water?
• Do you want servicing, cleaning and maintenance?

Our expert team is always on hand to assist with any questions you may have. We can recommend the best makes and models to meet your specific needs.

We can also advise on placement, machine care, cleaning and anything else you might need.

Coffee machines for your business - your questions answered

Should I get a coffee machine for my business?

We think every business can benefit from a coffee machine. There’s nothing like the taste and smell of fresh, bean-to-cup coffee in the workplace, especially when it’s available on demand and can boost staff satisfaction and productivity!

What are the benefits of coffee machines for businesses?

The benefits of coffee machines for businesses are many. They include improved staff morale and hydration, a feeling of value amongst team members, and an improvement in creativity, focus and performance.

All of this contributes to a happier, more loyal workforce and improved productivity - a valuable benefit for any business.

Should I rent, lease or buy a coffee machine for my business?

The decision of whether to rent, lease or buy a coffee machine for your business is entirely up to you. Roast & Ground has flexible finance options to help with all three and can provide cost-effective solutions whichever way you choose to go.

Can I get maintenance or servicing for my business coffee machine?

Yes, you can get maintenance or servicing for your business coffee machine. Your service contract will include annual filter checks and onsite maintenance and repairs as standard. You can also add our cleaning or fully operated service.

Can I buy a coffee machine as a business expense?

Yes, you can buy a coffee machine as a business expense, as long as it’s for work use.

Purchasing a business coffee machine can come under your capital expenditure, while renting or leasing would fall under your operating expenses. Either way, you can offset the expense to tax. Your accountant will be able to advise you further.

Can you supply coffee for my coffee machine?

Roast & Ground supply quality coffee beans, filter coffee and other drinks and consumables for your coffee machine. You can order online, call us or set up scheduled deliveries at a pace that suits you. Choose from a selection of Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance coffee beans, tea, hot chocolate and other drinks depending on the machine you choose. Learn more about our ethically sourced coffee here.

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