Water Supply for Offices

Multifunction Water Supply for Offices

Supply fresh, filtered drinking water to staff and visitors effortlessly using one of Roast & Ground's cutting-edge water solutions.

Our multipurpose filtered water taps serve hot, ambient, cold and sparkling water, all from a single tap.

We’ve carefully hand-picked top models from Brita, Billi and Ezytap so that no matter the type and size of your business, we have a great product to suit. 

And – to further ensure staff are happy and well hydrated – we also offer a choice of freestanding water boilers.

Integrated Water Supply for Offices

Integrated multifunction taps for offices are the new way to deliver water. One tap could replace your kettle, water boiler, refrigerator and vending machine!

Our multifunction taps from Brita, Billi and Ezytap can supply fresh filtered ambient, hot, cold and sparkling water from a single, easy-to-use tap.

Each tap has simple controls, built-in safety features and dispenses fresh filtered water on demand.

No more waiting for kettles to boil, no water heater maintenance and less wasted time waiting to make tea. These taps are fast, simple and can seriously reduce office waste!


Choose the reliable Billi tap for a combination of eco-friendly design and functionality. It provides chilled, ambient, sparkling and hot water on demand, delivering up to 50 litres per hour of chilled water and up to 4 cups per minute of boiling water.


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The Brita Extra C-Tap is a sleek, high-quality multifunction tap supplying fresh filtered water to your office. It offers chilled, ambient, sparkling and hot water with a capacity of up to 60 litres per hour for chilled water or 3-4 cups per minute of hot water.

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Ezytap produces stylish multifunction taps for offices, providing instant chilled, ambient and hot water. Although smaller in size they can deliver up to 11.5 litres per hour of chilled water and 14 litres of hot water.

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Benefits of Multifunction Taps for Offices 

There are many great reasons to install a multifunction tap in your office. Not only do these taps look great, they have significant practical benefits, including:

Staff wellness – In providing high quality, readily accessible water on tap, you’ll demonstrably prioritise employee wellbeing. Hydration is essential to overall health and a convenient multifunction tap can help your team stay refreshed throughout the day. We humans are made primarily of water and need to drink approximately 2 litres per day to maintain proper hydration.

Inclusive – Not everyone drinks tea or coffee. By offering a multifunction tap, you empower employees to choose their own preferred drinks, promoting inclusivity and personal choice.

Boosts concentration – Proper hydration has been linked to enhanced concentration and productivity. Dehydration can negatively impact brain function, leading to reduced focus and performance. By keeping staff well hydrated, you will help optimise their cognitive abilities and maintain productivity levels.

Saves time – While hanging around the kettle or vending machine can be good for in-office networking and communication, it also wastes valuable work time. By installing multifunction taps, you can provide socialisation opportunities while minimising time wastage, so everybody wins.

Saves money – A single, all-in-one tap can replace multiple appliances including refrigerators, kettles, vending machines and water boilers. By consolidating these functions into a single tap, you can reduce operating and maintenance costs significantly.

Reduces waste – Our multifunction taps provide all the water staff could need. By also eliminating the need for plastic bottles, coffee pods and other single-use containers, you can reduce office waste and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

You can say goodbye to wasteful appliances and enjoy a healthier, more efficient workspace. Ready to revolutionise your water supply? Contact Roast & Ground today to discuss your needs!

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