Filtered Water Taps 

Ditch plastic water bottles

We’re all trying to reduce our impact on the environment. Single use plastic bottles are a hot topic, so too the needless transport and storage of bottled water.

But few people want to compromise on taste by drinking water straight from the tap - and now, you don’t have to.

Roast & Ground's water solutions let you enjoy the clean conscience of drinking tap water with simple - and stylish - point-of-use filtration to ensure great taste.

Three great brands to choose from


Eco-saving technology and stylish colour options


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Quality German engineering, world-renowned filtration


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Great value and reliability with simple touch dispense


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Quality and convenience

Our engineers have been trained to carry out the regular maintenance work on the filtered water taps we offer. They can even install and troubleshoot problems on Billi and Ezytap products.

You’ll have one point of contact for all office drinks machines and they’ll be maintained under the one service agreement.

And just as with our coffee machine contracts, you’ll enjoy regular filter changes and maintenance to ensure your delicious office drinks keep flowing. That means clarity, simplicity and peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to ask our advice on water types, dispense options and font location. We can even supply branded bottles.

Because, while it’s great to have a shiny new coffee machine in the workplace, most of your coffee fans drink tea and water too!

Billi – style and innovation combined

  • Space saving design 
  • Unique three-layered filter structure for superior taste and quality
  • Ideal for 60+ users
  • Water options include boiling/ambient, boiling/chilled and boiling/chilled/sparkling
  • Stand-by mode conserves power during non-use
  • High quality insulation retains water temperature and saves energy
  • No cupboard ventilation required
  • Choice of three finishes: chrome, brushed chrome and matt black.

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Vivreau – great for large capacity workspaces

  • Trusted BRITA filtration technology
  • Stylish dispensing fonts
  • Chilled, still and sparkling water plus hot water
  • Removable dispense nozzles for improved hygiene
  • Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • and of course great taste!

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Ezytap – exactly what the name says

  • Elegant chrome faucet
  • Simple touch pad operation
  • Electronic controls
  • Flashing light to indicate heating
  • 14 litres hot water per hour
  • 8 litres chilled water per hour
  • Hot water safety tap
  • Discrete under-counter housing for boiler and chiller
  • Dispensing height of 18.5cm
  • Separate mains water connections for boiler and chiller
  • Mains water filter fitted

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Healthy for everyone

Providing employees and guests with great-tasting water isn’t just good for the planet - it’s good for business, contributing to a pleasant, positive working environment and helping staff feel appreciated.

Stress, mental strain and air conditioning all increase the body’s hydration needs. Encouraging your staff to hit the average requirement of 1.5 - 2 litres water a day is socially responsible. Offering a range of great-tasting water options can help them achieve this.

It will also optimise productivity and happiness at work. Why? Because when people are well-hydrated, their concentration and sense of wellbeing improve.

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