The 7 business benefits of Coffee Vending Machines

Posted by Catherine Gray on 31-May-2022 15:16:35

At a time when money is precious and finite, it may not seem logical to consider acquiring a big ticket item like a coffee vending machine. But we would argue this is the ideal time to lease or buy one.

If you’re on the fence, or are worried about adding an extra outgoing, we’re going to outline 7 significant business benefits of having a coffee vending machine.

Each is compelling in its own right but together they more than make the case.




1. Improved productivity

It’s not just the caffeine that drives a workforce, it’s sustenance as a whole. People who drink decaffeinated drinks can also benefit from improved productivity from being hydrated, refreshed and refuelled.

Caffeine obviously has an added benefit, but even the action of stepping away from your desk for a minute to stretch your legs to the vending machine can be beneficial.

As businesses have to concentrate on maximum sustainable productivity, using a coffee vending machine is an inexpensive way to contribute towards that.

There are also minor productivity benefits to a vending machine.

They include a higher opinion of the employer for providing the facility and benefits derived from improved morale and the ability to catch up with colleagues while waiting for a drink.


2. Affordable refreshment

Providing a coffee vending machine for staff benefits them and you. That’s especially true if the drinks you provide are free.

It benefits staff because they don’t have to carry change or pay for a hot drink.

Staff are under immense financial pressure right now. No matter how generous their salary, we’re all feeling the squeeze. Not having to pay for a hot drink can help with that.

It also benefits the employers, because a vending machine means you don’t have to provide other means to provide hot drinks.

It can be cheaper and is definitely easier to manage and more efficient than buying tea bags and coffee etc. And of course, time is money!

A vending machine is also easier to keep clean, doesn’t generate the mess a staff kitchen does, and produces less waste too.

3. Convenient and time efficient


Convenience and time efficiency go hand in hand. A coffee vending machine is always there and always ready to dispense. That means you can cater to everyone, including shift workers and weekend workers without having to keep a canteen open out of hours.

Staff can grab a drink whenever they need one. Night, day, weekend, breakfast or lunch. That’s convenience!

Second, a vending machine can dispense a hot drink faster than boiling a kettle and making your own.

That has an obvious time efficiency benefit for you as an employer.

While there is still the opportunity to congregate around a vending machine and catch up with colleagues, it’s less conducive to wasting time than waiting for a kettle to boil.

4. Freedom of choice

Choice and the freedom to choose is a big thing right now. The right to choose lactose-free, non-dairy, decaf or something completely different is all wrapped up in that.

Primarily, the freedom to choose a hot drink that suits your mood at that particular moment is the most powerful.

We know from our own experience that sometimes we want tea, sometimes coffee, sometimes something else.

A vending machine provides that choice. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, different types of milk, hot drinks, cold drinks and a range of other options too.

You can cater for the widest possible audience with the least amount of effort.

5. Good quality coffee or hot drinks


You cannot overestimate the positive benefits of providing quality. You work to provide that to your customers, so why not do it for staff too?

We all know the difference between a good quality tea or coffee and a poor quality one. We also know the effect on us when it’s the latter.

Coffee vending machines have come a very long way in terms of quality and can now reliably deliver fresh speciality coffees that’re genuinely enjoyable to drink.

Coffee vending machines can also provide tea, hot chocolate, milk and a wide range of other drinks too.

Each will deliver a similar high quality and equally high levels of satisfaction.

6. User friendly

An often overlooked business benefit of coffee vending machines is their ease of use.

Not everyone is comfortable around boiling kettles. Not everyone can make a satisfying hot drink.

If you have staff with extra needs, they may not be able to operate a kettle or make a drink.

A vending machine can solve all those problems. Most use a simple push button or touch screen to dispense drinks and some can even work with a mobile app for contactless or even remote drinks ordering.

We’ll include low maintenance here too.

A coffee vending machine is easy to clean, easy to refill and very straightforward to maintain.Many machines come with service contracts that can include regular servicing and cleaning and perhaps even preventative maintenance too.

7. Positive morale

All these other benefits combine to provide the opportunity for higher morale in the workplace.

We all appreciate an employer that provides for us. One that considers our needs when outfitting an office and who goes a little above and beyond the basic requirements of needing to provide the means to make a hot drink.

With the many and increasing challenges in the modern workplace, anything an employer can do to improve morale, keep spirits high, make employees feel valued and wanted can only be a good thing.

Good things that can be provided for less than you might think!

Creative business team putting hands together at the office


The benefits of coffee vending machines

Those are just 7 of the many business benefits of coffee vending machines. We think those alone provide reason enough to consider one for your workplace.

Whether your staff drink coffee, tea or something else, there is currently no easier, more flexible and reliable way to provide hot drinks safely and without fuss!

Contact Roast & Ground today for expert advice on choosing the perfect office coffee machine.


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