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    • NEW Rex-Royal Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

      Why this Swiss manufacturer is first choice for coffee machines

      Italy may be the birthplace of espresso but the best bean-to-cup coffee machines rely on precision engineering – and that’s where the Swiss are world renowned.

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    • Help 4 Kelp

      Introducing Help4Kelp, our new sustainability initiative

      At Roast & Ground, we’ve long been on a mission to ensure we are a genuinely ethical and sustainable coffee company. We work tirelessly to improve our carbon footprint and ensure that our coffee sourcing – in fact our whole business – operates in a socially responsible way.

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    • Finance Solutions

      With the price of takeaway coffees shooting up on the high street, there’s never been a better time to invest in a bean-to-cup coffee machine for the workplace.

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    • Navigating the Complex World of Recyclable Coffee Packaging

      Recyclable packaging – it's a buzzword that carries immense potential for environmental sustainability. Yet, we’ve learnt the journey to achieving genuinely recyclable packaging is often far more complex and frustrating than it initially seems. At Roast & Ground we embarked on a mission to create packaging that not only preserves the quality and freshness of our coffee but also ensures that customers have a clear path to recycling it. Sounds easy? We thought so, however…

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    • What's better than a (free) box of chocolates?

      We think you deserve a treat! If you're ordering snacks for the office you could be in with a chance to win a box of chocolates from the team here at Roast & Ground. A 'thank you' from us to you!

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    • New Year’s Resolutions. How're they going?

      Broken? Apparently only 16% of people stick to their resolutions, so you’re not alone. We can help! Read on and you’ll discover 10 resolutions we don’t think are too hard to commit to.

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    • The best ethical coffee brands? Here’s a great new name to add to the list

      New Fuel Their Day coffee from Roast & Ground directly supports charity Only A Pavement Away, helping people facing homelessness into employment within the hospitality sector.

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    • The best office coffee machines? Here’s why Rex-Royal reigns supreme

      If you’re looking for the very best bean-to-cup coffee machines to fuel a busy workplace, Swiss company Rex-Royal has to be top of the list. At Roast & Ground, we’ve been working with them for over 10 years now, for all the reasons you’ll love them too.

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    • Roast & Ground News! New faces, new tea offer and more.

      What’s New?

      New faces, a new tea offer and a few reminders to make sure you’re getting the very best from your Roast & Ground coffee machine. Read on to find out more...

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