Coffee machine cleaning - Here's why it needs plenty of elbow grease

Posted by James Hutchison on 31-Oct-2019 12:30:00

Desk, dusted. Floor, vacuumed. Bathroom, squeaky clean. But what about your office coffee machine?

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Office cleaning usually includes every crevice and corner. From glistening windows to the air blasted keyboard, you probably thought you had everything covered. So let us ask you this…  when was the last time your office coffee machine had the spring clean treatment?

No idea? You’re not alone.

Office coffee machine cleaning is SO often overlooked. As for the outcome? Well, it’s not just lacklustre hygiene (which we’ll move onto in a moment), it’s also about ensuring your coffee tastes its very best.

Other symptoms of a poorly maintained machine include blocked tubes, an ageing water filter and a shorter machine lifespan. All in all, this is bad for your health, bad for your budget and even worse for the taste of your beverages (find out 10 more reasons your coffee might taste terrible here).

Roast & Ground

Back to the hygiene for a moment. Good hygiene is not only important for health, it keeps the machine working at its best, maximising its lifespan and ensures the coffee tastes as good as it should.

Sound too much like hard work?

Many of our customers leave the elbow grease to our professionals. We provide a range of cleaning services, which keep drinks fresh and workers happy and healthy.

We’re the Kim Woodburn of the office coffee world. The Mrs Hinch of business beverages. Billed quarterly, our hassle-free cleaning and refilling service will keep your machines spick, span and sparkling (and your coffee consumables stocked up too).

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