How You Can Save Money With A Commercial Coffee Machine

Posted by James Hutchison on 18-Feb-2021 10:00:00

office-coffee-machineFor most people, the idea of getting through the workday without a decent cup of coffee is unthinkable. Whether you have five people in your office or 500, providing facilities to make hot drinks is an essential.

But are you like the many offices around the country who rely on the humble kettle? An easy and cost-effective way of providing as many coffees as you need - or is it?

Although the kettle may seem like a cheap and convenient option, it could be denting the potential profits of your business in ways you’ve never considered.

In contrast, a commercial coffee machine could help you save money overall, as well as providing your office with barista-quality coffee. If you need a bit more convincing, here’s what you need to know could be denting the potential profits of your business in ways you’ve never considered.


The True Cost of a Kettle

When it comes to business, time really does mean money, and a kettle could be gobbling yours up. Even top-notch kettles take approximately 2-3 minutes to boil, and will only produce 6 cups of coffee, maximum.

All of this quickly adds up; one survey suggests that every adult spends at least 24 minutes every day making drinks. Over the lifetime of their employment, this equates to 190 days of lost work, quite an eye-boggling stat!

It’s not just the cost of lost time that’s the issue. A kettle may be cheap to buy, but it costs much more to use than a bean to cup coffee machine.

Boiling a kettle will cost you approximately 30p each time, and the average worker does this 759 times every year. This costs £227.70 per worker, per year. If you have multiple workers in your office, the cost of boiling the kettle is really going to start to add up.

In contrast, a bean to cup coffee machine can make seven espressos for just 1.5p: quite the difference.

Economic Efficiency


Everyone likes to feel like they’re being indulged, and the quality of a bean to cup coffee does exactly that. Workers will love the fact there’s a dedicated coffee machine, giving them a range of different options which aren’t available with a basic kettle.

However, although bean to cup coffee will be a huge hit with everyone in the office, it’s budget-friendly too.

It takes roughly 20-25 seconds from start to finish to make a cup of coffee from a bean to cup machine. This means in the time it takes to boil a kettle, you could have 8-10 freshly ground cups of coffee. And of course, if you’re popping to the coffee machine just for you, it’s not a frustrating wait for a single cup.

It’s not just quicker, it’s cheaper too. Seven espressos cost just 1.5p in energy, twenty times less than boiling a kettle.

All of this means that although purchasing a bean to cup coffee machine is an investment, it’s one where you’ll recoup your costs through invisible savings.


High-Quality Coffee

Saving money is important, but the quality of the coffee matters too. The good news is that bean to cup coffee machines come out on top here too.

Each machine offers an array of options, so every member of staff can pick their favourite type of drink. Automatic bean to cup machines such as the Swiss-made Rex-Royal range can rival any barista. With clever tech and flexible options, it’s quick and easy to have your favourite coffee in your hand within a matter of seconds.

Many offices are undergoing changes right now, and the future is uncertain. This means that your catering provision may have reduced, or you may have fewer people in the office every day. A bean to cup coffee machine ensures that everyone can enjoy a coffee whenever they want. If you’ve got someone who’s a bit nervous about returning to work, the prospect of their favourite coffee on hand might just persuade them!

Whether you’re a small office or large, and whether you need a single coffee machine or multiple stations, we can help. With more than 18 years of expertise in the industry, we stock the very best range of bean to cup coffee machines that cater to every need. Some of the leading brands we have include Rex-Royal, Jura and Coffeetek. You can browse our full range of coffee machines online.

Give the office a treat and start saving money today with a stylish bean to cup coffee machine from Roast & Ground. Need a hand choosing? Give us a shout or drop us a line and let’s talk coffee.

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