Keep your staff by keeping them happy with an office coffee machine

Posted by Richard Gray on 28-Feb-2016 01:24:44
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British businesses spend £4bn a year replacing staff, with the average cost per employee an eye-watering £30,614 – according to a report in 2014 by Oxford Economics and Unum.

While a great office coffee machine can’t be the only answer to a happily settled workforce – have you considered what it might say about your company?

When staff enjoy their coffee so much, they turn up early to meetings, they are telling you something. They have noticed that you care about their needs and they feel appreciated – especially if the drinks are free.

We’re no longer a nation of instant tea and coffee drinkers. Outside of the office, many of your employees are regularly dropping in to their favourite cafés for their much-loved variety of coffee. If your office offer is a machine dispensing poor quality instant coffee, they are more likely to send outside for their coffee run – costing you time and money.

Worse, you will also hear staff apologising to visitors, when they have nothing better to offer. It’s not how you want your company to be talked about.

By contrast, providing a good coffee machine creates goodwill, a sense of luxury and wellbeing. It’s a benefit that costs you little, but is highly valued day in, day out. How much better to have your employees discussing how great the coffee is.

Staff will also appreciate saving money. Even if you don’t provide their drinks free, they will be paying less than on the high street – a perk that can make a big difference, especially to your lower paid employees.

Why not let Roast & Ground assist in your coffee machine review – we promise you won’t be disappointed. We know from experience that your generosity will be rewarded. Staff who are happy are more productive. And they aren’t in a rush to move on.

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