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    • Introducing the incredibly stylish Rex-Royal S2


      The Rex-Royal S2 reflects the best in top quality Swiss engineering. Rex-Royal have been established since 1937 and produce some of the best quality coffee machines on the market.

      The S2 has been designed exclusively to meet the professional needs of a mid-sized company or work environment. It’s great for medium sized offices, schools, break rooms, staffrooms and cafés. The compact and sleek design fits into any work environment with ease and is in keeping with modern office décor.

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    • Clear Conscience With Your Coffee

      Being kind to the planet has been a focus of ours since way back when (so far back in fact, that it was before the environment became the hot topic that it is today). Part and parcel of our environmental efforts are two carbon offsetting programmes, which aim to reduce the impact we have on this world of ours.

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    • Even the best coffee machines need maintenance. This is why...

      Latte with sprinkles on top? And would you like an engineer with that?

      Office coffee is incredible. Research shows it boosts morale and creates a more positive work environment. But what if something goes wrong? What would happen then? Queue a dash (every hour) to Starbucks (costly). Hmph. This seems a good time to introduce our maintenance service.

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    • 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Fruit, Herbal & Green Tea

      Tea – it’s the staple beverage of the nation – the drink that’s brewed in times of trouble and a cup of which can set us up for the day. Yet while our beloved cup of char is capable of admirable things, they’re perhaps not a patch on all that fruit, herbal and green teas can achieve.

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    • Best Office Coffee Machines 2019

      Get your colleagues rushing into work early for an exceptional cup of coffee

      We all know the difference that a great cup of coffee can make to a long day at work. In fact, recent research shows that an office coffee machine has the potential to transform your work environment. A simple cup of coffee can boost employee productivity, stimulate creativity and strengthen team bonds.

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    • Best Coffee Machines for Staff Rooms

      In the staff room: 4 ways coffee machines whip up performance and productivity

      Thinking about upgrading the coffee and tea offer in the staff room? Considering trading up from acceptable beverages, to barista-level coffee?

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    • Boost Business and Workers' Health

      We don’t just sell exceptional coffee. We boost business and worker health too!

      Every year parched Brits savour a staggering 70 million cups of coffee. And yet just thirty years ago, our offices were filled with dedicated tea drinkers – with barely a latte in sight.

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    • Commercial Coffee Machines – Lease, Lease Purchase, or Buy?

      Commercial Coffee Machines in the Busy Workplace

      Morale-boosting, spirit-lifting, energy-creating – the benefits of coffee to the workplace are well-established. Providing a commercial coffee machine keeps even larger workplaces well-fuelled throughout the day. But whenever you buy any commercial asset, you must ask how you should fund your purchase – lease, lease purchase or buy? Here we review your options.

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    • Good coffee? Great meeting - Coffee machines for meeting rooms

      It’s official. Monday morning, 9AM sharp. That’s the new time and day of the critically important meeting during which results are discussed, goals are set, and progress is presented. You NEED great coffee to hand.

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