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Posted by Catherine Gray on 06-Jun-2024 14:47:42

Why this Swiss manufacturer is first choice for coffee machines

Italy may be the birthplace of espresso but the best bean-to-cup coffee machines rely on precision engineering – and that’s where the Swiss are world renowned.

In today’s work environment – where coffee needs to be expertly ground and brewed to delicious, satisfying perfection, quickly, consistently and at volume – the Swiss super powers of quality, reliability and efficiency are not only an asset, they’re essential.

We’ve been working directly with Zürich-based office coffee machine manufacturers Rex-Royal for almost 15 years. We love that they’re an independent family company with an epicurean passion for coffee, just like us, however most important is the excellence of their machines. They’re state of the art but also: constantly being improved in ways that make our job as office coffee suppliers ever more exciting.

The best new office coffee machines in 2024

Rex-Royal’s 2024 range of bean-to-cup coffee machines is a great example of their dedication to refinement. Our favourite models have all been enhanced in ways that uplevel the coffee making process, and maximise the enjoyment available from each cup.

The patented metal brewing units are a case in point. It’s in this part of the machine that coffee grounds and water are transformed into the beverage we all love. Rex-Royal’s brewing units have always been generous and now they’re even larger. This is great for us coffee geeks as it means there’s now a wider choice of coffee beans suited to the machines, and they can produce double and even triple-shot coffees with aplomb.

An important part of ensuring your office bean-to-cup coffee machine really is better than employing a full-time barista is that our engineers dial in each and every coffee drink to suit your tastes, your beans, and your machine. The bulk of the set up is done in our warehouse before the machine is brought to your site for installation, but even after, once we’ve completed the installation there are adjustments that can be made to fine tune drinks and set up specific recipes as required. Ultimately all to ensure you and your team enjoy your coffee and other drinks just the way you like them.

The new larger capacity brewing units are especially useful when there is a requirement to make two coffees at the same time to ensure that both coffees can be served at the required strength. It means there isn’t a compromise in quality when serving two drinks simultaneously.

The best non-dairy milk for coffee

The days of a simple choice of white or black coffee are long gone. So too the choice between fresh or instant, and full-fat or skinny. Today’s cosmopolitan consumers expect high quality fresh milks including non-dairy alternatives AND that they froth into delectable hot drinks such as cappuccinos, flat whites and even chai lattes.

Fortunately, Rex-Royal is on top of the trend. Their milk pumps produce first-class hot steamed milks, while the CompactFoam technology available on machines serving 100+ cups a day takes the velvety richness to a whole new echelon. The CF machines can even produce frothy cold drinks – add ice for a real treat in summer.

New in the 2024 range, Rex-Royal’s CF S300 and S500 can serve three different milk types, while the M-versions of the S2, S300 and S500 serve two types of milk. The PowerSteam facility on these machines also offers variable milk foam consistency, which means that the right consistency will be delivered for the various speciality coffee drinks – the milk foam requirement varies between a cappuccino and latte for example.

If you’re a large company or corporation installing multiple machines, and have sufficient staff who want to avoid dairy, consider dedicating one machine entirely to non-dairy alternatives. Be mindful however that people who drink soy lattes, for example, won’t necessarily choose oat drinks and vice versa. You can offer both, and more with these adaptable machines.

Most efficient workplace coffee machines

From 2024, the grinders on Rex-Royal’s S1, S2 and S300 machines are 40 per cent faster than before, with no sacrifice on quality. Every moment counts when it comes to productivity and while enjoying a coffee break is an important respite in any workday, no one wants to spend more time waiting for their coffee to be made!

Don’t be fooled into thinking a smaller Rex-Royal machine means a compromise in taste. With larger brewing chambers even the small-to-medium capacity S1 and S2 make fabulous quality drinks, so they’re perfect for staffrooms, bakeries and busy estate agents. The office coffee round even becomes a pleasure when turning out first-rate espressos, lattes and flat whites is this quick and easy.

How to choose a bean-to-cup coffee machine

Our confidence in recommending Rex-Royal machines isn’t just down to the engineering and latest product developments. We know they’re right for you because every single machine is made to order and there are so many personalisation options we really can create the perfect solution for every customer.

We’ve installed Rex-Royal machines in all types of workplace and business, from schools, show rooms and staff rooms to hotels, conference facilities and busy restaurants.

The starting point for finding the right coffee machine for your operation is estimating how many drinks it needs to serve per day. Here’s a rundown of our most popular Rex-Royal machines by size and capacity.


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