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Great value office coffee machines

Roast & Ground supplies professional quality office coffee machines designed to deliver the full bean to cup experience. Each machine has been hand-picked to provide cost-effective coffee with minimal maintenance and cleaning. Ideal for the modern workplace!

Our coffee machines for the office include high performance models from leading manufacturers including Rex-Royal, Coffetek and Jura. Each has a reputation for delivering reliable automatic bean to cup coffee machines for delicious coffee day in and day out.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller artisan coffee machine or a larger volume model, want a touchscreen or contactless coffee machine, we can help.

Roast & Ground offers free consultations to discuss your needs and can recommend the perfect office coffee machines to buy, rent or lease. All coffee machines come with full installation and maintenance too!




Great value office coffee machines - your questions answered

Why choose an office coffee machine?

Gone are the days of a kettle and a few tea bags to keep your staff happy. Tastes have moved more towards coffee than tea and the kettle takes too long.

Our automatic office coffee machines are fast, low maintenance and deliver fresh delicious coffee every time.

They are faster than a kettle, safer than a kettle and should last far longer than any kettle.

Plus, the morale benefit for staff being able to enjoy high quality coffee is priceless!

Buy, rent or lease your office coffee machine?

You can buy, rent or lease your office coffee machine.

Buying your machine means you own it outright. Renting is generally available on refurbished coffee machines on a short-term basis. You will pay a fixed monthly charge which includes on-site maintenance.

Leasing is generally over a longer term - three or five years. At the end of the term you can return the machine and upgrade to a newer model or you can continue to lease the machine, usually at a lower cost.

Which option you choose depends on your situation. Equipment costs can also usually be offset to tax - it is always worth having a chat with your finance team on this.

Are there bean to cup coffee machines suitable for my office?

Most of our office coffee machines are bean to cup. Our selection includes a wide range of capacities from the modest 80 cup Jura X8 or X6 all the way to the 550 cup Coffetek Neo. There is a bean to cup coffee machine here for every size of office and every taste of coffee.

Contact our team for a free consultation and we can discuss your specific requirements. We’re sure to have the perfect bean to cup office coffee machine for your needs!

Do your coffee machines for offices come with maintenance and servicing?

All of our coffee machines for offices come with on-site service contracts. Which means you’re covered in the event of a breakdown, and also for preventative maintenance and filter changes.

Do you supply the coffee as well as office coffee machines?

We do supply fresh coffee beans as well as the office coffee machines to serve it. You can order your coffee as required or have it delivered automatically on a schedule, it’s entirely up to you.

Roast & Ground offers a range of house coffees including Nine to Five, Powwow, Molten Toffee, Pura Decaf, Pick Me Up, Borough Blend and Time Out. Each has been specifically chosen to work in a bean to cup coffee machine and is suitable for the office environment. They have different flavour profiles to tantalise the taste buds, while offering that essential caffeine hit. So there is definitely a coffee for all tastes.

Whatever the size of your workplace, we have an office coffee machine to fit. Contact our team for a free consultation. We would be happy to help!

Looking for the right office coffee machine for your business?

We’re here to help. We’ll help you select a model that dispenses at the speed and volume you need, while also offering the range of drinks you want. Download our free guide for a quick overview.

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