Rex-Royal S500
Bean-to-Cup Machine

The Rex-Royal S500 is fully equipped to accommodate large volumes (over 200 cups per day) on demand. With up to three grinders, and the option to provide two choices of fresh milk, your coffee choices are endless. Three separate boilers mean there’s hot water for crafting an espresso, steaming milk, and dispensing hot water for tea all at the same time. This machine is great for self-service locations too, thanks to the ‘Compact Foam’ system and easy-to-use touch screen control panel.

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At a glance: Rex-Royal S500

Drinks: Up to 24 drinks including Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Frappuccino, Mocha, Black or White coffee, Decaf, Hot chocolate, Hot & Cold Milk and Hot Water, plus jugs. Drink options are model specific.

Capacity: Ideal for large volume environments and offices. The machine can serve 200 plus cups per day.

Benefits: Makes a perfect espresso with high performance metal grinder and piston. Direct grinding for fresh coffee. Great tasting drinks with easy to use push-button operation. Easy to maintain with an automatic rinsing and cleaning programme. Coffee grounds can be removed through built-in grounds drawer.

Optional Accessories: Coin dispenser, Card reader, Cup warmer, Further options are available upon request.

Machine Dimensions: Height - 758mm, Width - 453mm, Depth - 620mm. Weight - 67kgs to 76kgs (depending on model).

Technical Specification: Water connection - mains plumbed. Waste - mains plumbed or drip tray.

Information: Other models are available which will have different power requirements.

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