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10 qualities to look for in an office drinks supplier

When you’re looking for an office drinks supplier, you’ll be weighing up lots of factors. As experienced suppliers ourselves, these are the top 10 qualities we would look for:

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Keep your staff by keeping them happy with an office coffee machine

British businesses spend £4bn a year replacing staff, with the average cost per employee an eye-watering £30,614 – according to a report in 2014 by Oxford Economics and Unum.

While a great office coffee machine can’t be the only answer to a happily settled workforce – have you considered what it might say about your company?

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Six ways your office coffee machine keeps the ideas flowing

  1. Caffeine’s the buzz that kicks off your day, keeps you focused on the job and keeps up your productivity when energy levels flag. Beethoven, Mahler and Sartre all famously ran on coffee, while JK Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter novel sitting in her favourite coffee shop. Give your staff extra creative flair, with regular access to great coffee.
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