Office Coffee Machine? Here's how to choose one

Posted by Catherine Gray on 05-Jul-2017 11:57:35

Organising coffee at your workplace isn’t as simple as picking a coffee machine and having done with it. Where is it going to go, what fits in that space, how many cups does it need to serve a day, what about consumables (coffee, chocolate, cups, sugar, stirrers, cup lids), what are the pros and cons of fresh or powdered milk, and many other questions need to be addressed.

So where do you start?

One Question at a Time

There’s a lot to decide, but many of the decisions early in the process also settle questions later on. The result is that it’s usually best just to work through your requirements point by point and let the picture build up – but even better is to have an expert involved.

That’s the first point of contact many new clients have with Roast & Ground – they're looking for a smarter way to organise great tasting hot drinks and they want to know how the experts would handle it.

Full Service from Roast & Ground

We start off by helping you answer the key questions and pick out the right machine for you. We will work with you to really understand your needs and spec the machine and all the added features you require. Then we deliver, install, and set up your machine for you.

Our team of technicians will adjust settings and optimise your drinks for individual tastes, making sure your new machine delivers the drinks you want, day after day.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our service contract includes on-site maintenance by trained professionals who know these machines inside and out and can easily diagnose faults. They carry many parts and can also put any necessary replacement orders in as quickly as possible.

That same service contract means we’ll carry out preventative maintenance checks and replace your machine’s water filter on a regular basis, all to ensure your machine is optimised to deliver great tasting office drinks.

And we’ll be there whenever you need to replace consumables, with online and telephone ordering available – or you can arrange for us to get in touch regularly and check what you need – and next day delivery. We’ll even be able to advise on what rate businesses like yours typically go through your consumables to help you plan ahead.

So why wait? What you need is a full service support company for your office coffee needs, and you can reach us through our enquiry form, at, or over the phone at 020 8397 8676.

Guide Graphic

Our eGuide sets out the key questions you need to be asking before you get searching for the right office drinks machines. It guides you on important factors you should consider and how to keep everyone happy. Download our eGuide now.

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