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Posted by Richard Gray on 05-Jul-2017 11:48:56
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You’ll find that when talking about what makes a great cup of coffee, Swiss-Made Machines are being spoken about more and more. So, what makes these machines so remarkable?

Keep Large Offices Lively

Swiss-made machines are a fantastic solution for large offices. First and foremost, these machines are known for their precision, meaning that you’re enjoying freshly ground coffee, artfully brewed with the sort of end-result you’d expect from a hand-made barista coffee.

Immediately this has a benefit for your staff. Morning jaunts to nearby coffee franchises will become a thing of the past. You’ll find employees will enjoy the convenience of a high-quality coffee right at their place of work.

What’s more, as well as your staff enjoying excellent coffee, Swiss-made bean-to-cup machines generate less waste than your average capsule machine. A few discarded pods in a smaller office are fine to manage, but for larger companies, waste capsules quickly accumulate and hardly make for the greenest solution. This isn’t a concern for your Swiss-made machine.

A Truly Exceptional Experience

A sleek touch-screen interface delivers not only steamed milk and perfect coffee on demand, but also provides a contemporary and cutting-edge feel to getting the break-time brew.  Swiss-made machines also offer a broad range of options, meaning that your user-friendly device is delivering a variety of coffees quickly, efficiently and cleanly.

It’s the kind of fixture that pays for itself, and will soon become a talking point for all your newly energised staff. When it comes to keeping your employees happy, active and feeling well-looked after, there truly is no compromise; you should choose Swiss-made office coffee machines.

Is a Swiss-Made Machine right for You?

We’re more than happy to talk to you about what machine would best serve your staff. If you’ve any questions, you can reach us through our enquiry form, at, or over the phone on 020 8397 8676.

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