The best office coffee machines? Here’s why Rex-Royal reigns supreme

Posted by Catherine Gray on 20-Sep-2022 11:47:18

If you’re looking for the very best bean-to-cup coffee machines to fuel a busy workplace, Swiss company Rex-Royal has to be top of the list. At Roast & Ground, we’ve been working with them for over 10 years now, for all the reasons you’ll love them too.

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Reliability, precision and high-quality workmanship

Rex-Royal bean-to-cup coffee machines are state-of-the-art, embodying all the values for which Swiss engineering is renowned.

They produce outstanding espresso, latte, flat white and more at the touch of an easy-to-use video screen. That means everyone can enjoy fabulous coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate) at work, regardless of who’s making it.

Need an extra-large Monday morning-eye opener? The machine’s preset menu options have you covered. And because we work with you to choose the right beans for your set-up, you can relax knowing your delicious coffee will be perfectly measured and ground to produce a truly satisfying cup. There really is no need to head out to the high street!

Innovation, efficiency and an enviable track record

Rex-Royal are an independent family business, just like us, who’ve successfully united their twin passions for coffee and technology.

Beginning with the catering market, they focused on exceptional quality high-volume solutions for hotels, cafeterias and events, delighting customers all over the world. Today, their expertise gleaned from three generations in hospitality is available to every office and work environment.

Important details like twin grinders, metal pistons, and good-looking easy-care casings all come as standard – and are built to stand up to the busiest commercial environments.

Flexible, responsive and made for you

How do we know Rex-Royal has the right coffee machine for you? Because all models are made to order and there are so many personalisation options we really can create the perfect solution for each and every customer.

Want your machine to froth the milk, or would you like to do it yourself? Prefer regular steamed milk or an even more luxurious compact foam? Need granular milk, fresh, non-dairy or all the above? What about hot chocolate or chai, or an espresso Martini? There are Rex-Royal machines and modular add-ons for all requirements and all tastes.

And whichever you choose, rest assured all our machines are designed to extract the optimal taste from your coffee beans. Our expert engineers individually programme every beverage from espresso to cappuccino to latte macchiato, so your Rex-Royal machine makes the perfect delicious drink every single time.

Delight customers, clients, staff and visitors

We’ve installed Rex-Royal machines in all types of workplace and business, from schools, show rooms and staff rooms to hotels, conference facilities and busy restaurants.

Busy caterers love the extraordinary hot water capacity of the larger machines, which allows multiple tasks to be done at the same time. They also have the flexibility to foam milk automatically when a barista is unavailable.

Yet Rex-Royal has brilliant machines for smaller set-ups, too – showrooms, galleries, receptions, salons – places where the quality of hot drinks served can do so much to distinguish a business from its competitors.

Which bean-to-cup coffee machine – your starting point

Your starting point is the volume of coffee drinks you need to serve. Here’s a quick guide to Rex-Royal’s latest models.


The S1 – smaller offices, receptions, showrooms, galleries

Up to 100 cups per day
The new version of this amazingly compact machine provides power and quality to small capacity spaces. Featuring a user-friendly video-capable 7-inch touch screen, it can be served or self-service, using fresh milk or granular, and has a stylish design you’ll be proud to have on display.


The S2 – offices, staffrooms, bakeries, estate agents

Up to 150 cups per day
Boasting a new look, this first-class small-to-medium-capacity machine can make two coffees at once, ordered via the 7-inch touch screen. Choose the Compact Foam version for super-luxurious frothy cappuccinos. The S2 CF even makes cold milk foam – a welcome change in summer.


The S300 – restaurants, leisure venues, staffrooms, offices

Up to 200 cups per day
Even demanding customers are no problem for the medium-high capacity S300. It has two precision grinders that let you make perfect coffees from different beans at the same time. A metal brewing unit ensures consistent quality of single and double servings. With two instant containers plus a flavour module for syrups and spirits, the full menu’s delightful – and easily ordered via the 10-inch screen. Choose the CF Compact Foam model and you’ll be able to serve cold drinks too.


The S500 – hotels, coffee shops, conference centres, exhibition venues

200+ cups per day
When you want to serve a wide variety of coffee specialities in large quantities, opt for the bumper S500. It offers up to three separate boilers with a whopping 58 litre hot water capacity, two speedy low-noise grinders (three if you fancy), and can produce everything from an elegant ristretto to a double chilled latte with syrup all ordered via the easy-to-navigate 10-inch screen. The CF Compact Foam model lets you offer a second choice of fresh milk.

With over 20 years industry experience, we can help you calculate the capacity you need, then we can get to work on your ideal drinks range, fresh or granular milk, milk foam texture and more.

Want to see these impressive machines in action?
Get in touch to arrange a showroom visit.

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