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  • Laying the Groundwork for a Greener Tomorrow – Recycling with bio-bean

    Make a Greener Tomorrow & Cut Down Office Coffee Disposal Costs

    Chances are, when you think about environmental issues, coffee grounds aren’t at the top of your list. And yet as a nation of coffee lovers it’s more than relevant to ask – what actually happens to our coffee grounds, once we’ve had our fill - all 500,000 tonnes of them, every year?

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  • Disposable cups cause a stir across the UK

    Disposable cups have received a lot of bad press recently after, MP Rory Stewart, told fellow MPs they posed a “huge” problem, as the majority are sent for incineration or to landfill sites.  Mr Stewart suggested last year’s tax on plastic bags was such a success that cups should be the next item to be taxed, in order to make consumers think twice about their wastage.  However the MP’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), were quick to comment saying there were "no plans" for a tax.

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