2,000 years after its invention, it’s all change for the tap

Posted by James Hutchison on 30-Aug-2019 14:53:03

The tap has been hard at work ever since the earliest years of the ancient Roman era, when the very first mixing tap (rudimentary though it was) changed daily life.


Fast forward more than 2000 years, and the tap has barely changed. That is until now. With the creation of all-in-one taps, this humble invention is now well and truly lifestyle-changing for individuals of the modern era.

From supporting staff health, wellbeing and performance, to providing a planet-loving alternative to plastic, here’s why (and how) a 21st century tap could change your working world…

  1. Kettle-temperature hot, chilled or sparkling?

No longer do taps offer only a choice between hot and cold. Advanced all-in-one-taps now serve up boiling, chilled and even sparkling water ready to be savoured.

  1. Hydrated employees are happy (and productive) employees

A 3 – 5% fall in the hydration of your employees could impact productivity by between 25% to 50%. And with Summer here, keeping cool and hydrated in the heat is essential for employee health and well-being.

  1. These taps were MADE for the ‘hardest’ of water areas

Around 60% of the UK is classified as having hard or very hard water, with the South and East of England suffering from the hardest. While there’s no need to be concerned about your health, hard water does mean that the taste of your drinks is compromised.

Today’s all-in-one taps feature in-built filtration systems, for a crisp glass of H2O that’s on par with mineral water.

  1. With the planet facing a plastic crisis, it’s time to do away with one-use bottles

The average person uses an ocean-choking 156 plastic bottles each year. It’s time to ditch the plastic in favour of reusable bottles that can be topped with refreshingly cool water straight from the tap. By doing away with the need to buy, transport and store bottled water, you’re taking a solid first step towards sustainability. And when you reduce single use waste, you reduce your carbon footprint – taking another step towards meeting your pressing Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

  1. These next-gen taps can save a TONNE of time with instantly hot water

Most would agree that a quality coffee machine is essential for a happy work environment, but there are still more than a fair few who remain firm fans of tea. For a truly great cuppa, you just need the right tea brand and boiling water.

With these 21st-century alternative taps, there’s no waiting around for the kettle to boil (a task that research has shown drinks up more than 10 hours of our lives each and every year).

The Brita Vivreau ViTap

“Accessorise the office, quench all types of thirst, with great tasting water from your clever tap”.

The Brita brand has been known for quality since its foundation over half a century ago. Today, Brita brings cutting-edge filtration technology into the office, for great tasting water – whether for a steamy-hot brew or a cold and crisp glass of water.

Form and functionality take centre stage in the ViTap. The fonts are stylish, while also being ultra-easy to use.

Perfect for the office kitchen, executive offices or conference rooms, the removable dispenser nozzle provides for improved hygiene, which cleverly dispenses chilled still and sparkling water, and hot water for tea, with a safety feature when used for hot water.

Just one final question, how can we help?

At Roast & Ground, our expert engineers have plenty of experience in the professional installation and maintenance of Brita filters, while our team back at the office can provide all the advice and expertise you need (ask us anything – from water types and dispense options, onto font location, branded bottles and more).

As a client of ours, you’ll speak with one contact, and you’ll also be able to order quickly and easily online (if you prefer).

When you choose Roast & Ground for your great tasting coffee, we can fit your Vivreau ViTap at the same time as your machine (and look after both under the same service agreement and maintenance schedule, which includes regular filter changes and servicing).

Taps just got one heck of a 21st century makeover. Arriving with eco-credentials, these taps do so much more than just passing the taste test with flying colours.

Want to find out more?

Call our team on 020 8397 8676 or email us via sales@roastandground.co.uk, and we’ll be right back in touch with the details.

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