How To Make Great Coffee For A Large Office

Posted by James Hutchison on 12-Jul-2019 15:38:04

Your workplace is a hustling bustling environment of 100+ employees. You need a machine that keeps pace with them and their preferences for beverages made exactly how they like them. Here’s our how to…


Experts and key questions…

The truth is, there’s a lot to consider when making the right choice of office coffee machine. For starters;

  • How many people have you got in your office?
  • How much do they drink? (Suppliers usually measure this in cups per day.)
  • What sort of quality are you aiming for?
  • Is there access to mains water?
  • Do you have a fixed budget?
  • Do you need different solutions for different areas – your reception area, staff floors, board and meeting rooms, for example?

When it comes to office coffee machines, the choice is vast. And as for drink supplies? We’re getting close to endless (our shop alone serves up 35 coffee and 33 tea choices, chocolate, decaff – and we haven’t even gotten to cups, cold drinks and cleaning supplies yet).

To work your way through your options, you really need the right expert on side (especially if you’re looking for different solutions for different areas of your business).

Which brings us roundly on to our next point…

Service. Expect it as standard.

In the large office, where it seems an entire workforce relies on their morning macchiato to kick-start the day and pick-me-up afternoon tea, it’s mission critical that your machine keeps up. And if there’s ever a breakdown, you should expect productivity to plummet and performance to stall.

All in all, you’ll need to get back up and running ASAP.

A service contract can ensure that any breakdown is fixed by an expert within hours. But here’s the important part – many suppliers promise to send someone within a set number of hours. But to send someone, isn’t to say that your machine will be fixed. You need a trained expert in the equipment that needs the fix, along with the key parts likely needed to get the machine up and running there and then. That’s a big difference. And it’s one you should confirm the details on when looking at any service level agreement.

Freshness. It matters!

A great office coffee machine is a little bit of science, and creating the perfect cup demands careful coffee alchemy, the base for which is fresh ingredients. Beans that are even slightly stale will soon lose their depth of flavour and quite frankly be disappointing. And as for milk, the longer you leave it the less frothy it’ll be (look out for warning signs such as milk that lies flat and sinks to the bottom, rather than sitting pretty on top of your coffee).

Engineered to your exacting taste

After plenty of research and perhaps a little taste testing you’ve found the ONE – THE office coffee machine that’s a perfect fit for your business. But it doesn’t end there. You’ll also need an installation professional who has expert knowledge of your machine (so they can adjust the drinks to your exacting taste). And when we say customise, we mean it. We help you select the right beans and set the drink options and individual drinks to your preferred taste adjusting the grinders, gram throws, espresso-to-milk ratio, boiler temperature and more.

You need PLENTY of options

In the large office, there are tea fans, herbal tea drinkers, coffee lovers and those who don’t touch a drop of the hot stuff (preferring cold drinks all year through). In short, there are A LOT of taste buds to please. So you’ll need to maintain a good range of drinks and find a supplier who can provide them, if you aren’t to deal with multiple orders, deliveries and invoices every month.

An online shop, complete with the ability to quickly click to re-order, is a must for most large offices; as is next day delivery, which means that even if you run dry of a certain beverage, your team will only go a working day without it.

Expertise. Check and double check those credentials.

To this day, we remain fiercely independent. Established almost two decades ago, our business growth has, in large part, been down to word of mouth referrals (believe us, reputation is everything in this line of business).

We are passionate about the machines we sell, the advice we give and the customer experience we deliver.

When choosing a supplier for your large office, choose a company that cares

A solid supplier for your large office is transparent, fair, versatile and reliable, and many more things besides. They are passionate about drink quality and tried, tested and true experts. They go to great lengths to keep their clients delighted – like sourcing that drink you’d wish they’d stock (just as we do, whenever our clients request it).

Read our guide and discover the key qualities of a fabulous office coffee company. Then read our reviews (spoiler: we score five out of five on Google Businesses. And when you’re ready to talk or want expert advice, you know where we’ll be when you need us.

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