Three pointers for picking the perfect office coffee

Posted by James Hutchison on 20-Sep-2019 13:21:49

If you’ve made the decision to invest in an office coffee machine, you should know – you’re making a wise choice. As we’ve blogged about previously, great office coffee gets colleagues talking and businesses working. But what about the things BEYOND the machine – like your choices of coffee, your employees who are non-caffeine and, a critical one, cleaning?

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Here’s our two cents on all these matters…

Coffee: Our pick of the bunch

All in all, we sell over seven different coffee beans and four filter coffees. So you may well wonder where to start among our range. Today we save you a little legwork. Here’s a quick overview of all our coffees…

Powwow, great for a milk-based coffee and similar to Costa’s or Carluccio’s. A mellow caramel taste with flavour hints of orange, vanilla and honey.

Our Pick Me Up, a Fairtrade Colombian coffee with a full nutty flavour. Low acidity but masses of hazelnut sweetness, with toffee and butterscotch developments with milk.

Borough Blend is a seriously flavoursome, Fairtrade coffee – it tastes rich, nutty and subtly spicy without milk, and buttery smooth with.

Our Rainforest Alliance Certified Time Out is a medium roast bean, serving up berry fruits, nuts and dark choc when taken black, and caramel milk chocolate when milk is added.

Our Molten Toffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, and our lightest roast going – hazelnut, honeycomb and milk chocolate notes without milk – golden syrup and marzipan with. Feeling thirsty, yet?

Our Swiss Water Decaf is a smooth, mild and sweet caffeine-free alternative. Medium-bodied with mild acidity and a sweet sugary taste.

Team Builder is one of our Fairtrade filter coffees – providing a sharp, strong flavour (we think it resembles Jamaican Blue Mountain). A good all-day coffee.

Our City Roast filter coffee comes with subtle caramel and butterscotch sweetness, balanced with earthy chocolate and citrus fruit notes.

Explore our coffee range here

Allergens? Have a particular concern? See our allergens page for full details.

Feeling fruity?

Not all employees fall into either the ‘coffee or tea?’ box. Some are dedicated to their six-monthly detoxes. Others are hooked on the zingy taste of herbal.

For these employees we bring an entire menu of fruit and herbal teas. But even the Americano addict may want to supplement their trusty favourite, as fruit, herbal and green tea can boosts energy levels, provide a boost of antioxidants and serves up plenty of nutrients (and here are seven more reasons why fruit, herbal and green tea are great for your health).

Discover our fruit, herbal and green teas here

Clean up, with well-maintained machines

A clean machine provides better tasting beverages, better hygiene and protected employee health. But are you doing it properly, that’s the question. When you choose one of our machines, daily maintenance is a breeze if you take your daily cleaning option!

With our many years’ experience working with a wide range of businesses and team sizes, we can help you decide on a budget if you don’t have one already. Easy, peasy, delicious.

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