Introducing 50:50 Half-Caff

Posted by James Hutchison on 24-Jan-2020 08:30:00

It’s the 24th January, and just like that, the first month of 2020 is almost done.

So tell us, how are those new year resolutions working for you?

If you’re like most people, you might be on the way to losing your resolve (80% of people have given up on their resolution by mid-February). If this sounds like an all too familiar tale, we’ve got good news – our new coffee could just turn your new year resolution around. Here’s why...

Mugs at the ready, Roast & Ground 50:50 Half-Caff has arrived!

A combination of Swiss Water Decaf and Brazilian Mogiana, 50:50 Half-Caff not only brings taste to the table, it also makes for good news for your health.

While coffee is scientifically proven to deliver an array of body-benefits, ranging from boosting adrenaline to supporting brain activity, over-consumption comes with various problems (including high blood pressure, insomnia, and other negative side effects).

When you sup up on coffee with half the caffeine, you’ll still benefit from all the plus points, while avoiding the drawbacks. Good for new year resolutions, great for afternoon drinking.

And it’s made using Swiss Water Decaf (which makes it even better for your health)

Three things. That’s all that’s needed during the creation of this coffee – water, the right temperature, and enough time.

Roast & Ground Half-Caff is made using the help of the finest of coffee grounds, added to this is locally sourced, purified water. Then, the wait begins – both time and temperature are monitored until finally, the coffee is made and ready to be blended with the sweet Brazilian Mogiana, to create a coffee with half the caffeine.

At this stage, you may be wondering where the Swiss element comes in. Far from requiring Swiss water, this technique is so-called simply because it was conjured up and developed in Switzerland, way back in 1933. Yet it wouldn’t be until some four decades later, in 1980, that a commercially ready-to-go method was established.

50:50 Half-Caff is ideal for offices with twin grinders

50-50 shop

For those of our customers that have machines with more than one grinder, this often led to a tough decision between full caff and decaf, but with the introduction of 50:50, we’re predicting that that’s about to change.

Offering full caff and half caff is the happy medium for workers who aren’t fully committed to the idea of decaf, but who still want to benefit from limiting their caffeine intake (and remember, we can always offer an instant decaf option where machines have this facility).

Oh, and did we mention it tastes incredible too?

Here’s the low down – colour, blend, tasting notes and more…

Roast Colour: 90 - Medium
Blend: 50% Brazil Mogiana | 50% SWD Colombia

Tasting Notes

• Brazilian Mogiana - Nutty, sweet and distinctly Brazilian, the Mogiana brings malty notes and good body to every mug it graces, with perfect levels of chocolate and caramel to finish.
• SWD Colombia - A Central American coffee with its caffeine extracted using a special water steaming process. The beans are then high heat roasted until black and oily, leading to a strong, continental taste, without the full-on stimulant effect of a 100% caffeinated coffee.

We ran a blind taste test. And we could see the results coming a mile off.

A month or so ago we put our 50:50 Half-Caff to the REAL test – a blind taste. The verdict? They loved it. Result!

Want to take 50:50 Half-Caff for a taste test of your own?

Interested in offering your teams a half caff option? Talk to James on 020 3019 4046 or email him directly via

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