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Posted by Richard Gray on 07-Dec-2018 12:30:00
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We don’t just sell exceptional coffee. We boost business and worker health too!

Every year parched Brits savour a staggering 70 million cups of coffee. And yet just thirty years ago, our offices were filled with dedicated tea drinkers – with barely a latte in sight.

The five years between 1993 and 1997 was the real turning point in this story, with UK coffee outlets shooting up by 847 per cent between these times. In turn, offices up and down the UK reflected this surge in the thirst for coffee.

How things have changed in just three short decades. Having been there for half of this time, we’ve played witness to changing coffee tastes, and the ways in which premium office coffee can and does make a very real impact on businesses and their workers.

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Chink chink! To an array of health benefits

There’s plenty of reasons to believe that those who have a healthy obsession with coffee benefit from a wealth of health benefits.

These include coffee:

And on (and on) the list goes.

Time for a business-boosting brew up?

Beyond health benefits, study after study has found that office coffee also bolsters the bottom line – driving productivity and growing profit margins. All of which is thanks to the fact that coffee increases mental activeness, focus, creativity and alertness.

“After 16 years as our customers’ trusted coffee connoisseurs, we know the difference that great office coffee can make to a workplace.

Our mission is simple – to provide soul-stirring, mood-lifting office coffee on par with your local barista”.

- Catherine Gray

Time for a reality check

The rise and rise of UK coffee outlets has sparked a workplace revolution of employees who now yearn for barista-level coffee. Recent research has found that 13% of workers won’t drink coffee at work because of the quality, and out of those that do, 50% are dissatisfied with their coffee set up. Depressing figures indeed. In contrast, most of our customers have been with us for over five years, and many far longer. So it seems that our clients are certainly NOT included within these sad statistics.

Our office coffee solutions create creamy cappuccinos, lattes, short and long blacks, macchiatos, mochas, and more! They also heat and froth the milk for a comforting hot chocolate.

“A great coffee demands a careful balance between multiple elements – a precision engineered coffee machine, high-quality beans, a perfected brewing process, precision timings and an exact temperature. So you could say that the perfect cup of coffee is a fine art”

Catherine Gray

Deflating instant coffee pales into insignificance when pitted next to our coffees in a taste test. Take the eternally sunny Rainforest Alliance, Nine-Five (malty, nutty and buttery); or how about the distinctive Pick Me Up (with notes of caramel, chocolate and citrus?)

Then there’s the award-winning Mugonero - the latest addition to our line up – a fabulous single origin coffee that’s been nominated for a PEA Caterer Product Excellence Award, not to mention winning the illustrious 2* Great Taste Award 2018. Here’s what the judges had to say…

“Such good balance from the fruity notes that shine through. With milk, this became stunning - sweet in the right places”.

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