New Year, New Coffee Supplier

Posted by Catherine Gray on 17-Jan-2019 07:15:00

Looking for a new office coffee supplier in 2019? Here’s the inside track on what to look for...

Tea and coffee – they are the backbone of British workplaces. We collaborate over it, wake up with it, and are cheered up by it during the tougher of afternoons. So it's no surprise that sometimes we need a new coffee supplier.

Your choice in new office coffee supplier can be the difference between disappointing blends and morning-fuelling cups of joy. It could mean waiting weeks for repair (with breakdowns that happen way too often), and a machine that’s back up and running within hours. Here’s how to make sure you make the right choice.

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A respectable office coffee supplier is transparent

Your contract should be clear – does it run for two years, three, five? Does it include repairs? Call out fees? What if you wanted to upgrade? Clarifying the terms of the contract shouldn’t take a 101 questions – you should have a full explanation.

A reasonable office coffee supplier is fair

Be aware of sneaky, punitive terms somewhere on page 36 of 207 Terms and Conditions. They might make extending your contract complicate and cancelling your agreement impossible. Our top tip? Pick through the legal stuff with a fine-tooth comb, and if the terms seem unfair, go elsewhere. Remember with a coffee supplier you are needing to get along in the long-term.

A good office coffee supplier is honest

We build good business relationships on trust. So, does your new supplier have integrity? Do they seem too interested on you signing on the dotted line, rather than fielding your questions and explaining your options? There’s simply no substitute for a good-old face-to-face meeting to get the measure of someone.

A helpful office coffee supplier is insightful

Your office coffee supplier should care about your corporate culture, your clients, your business. They should present genuinely useful ideas that fit around your 9-5 – the way you work, and what your workers need.

An excellent office coffee supplier has in-house engineers and fast breakdown response times

Uh-oh. Your machine has gone into meltdown. On a Monday, no less. How long will you wait for a qualified engineer? At Roast & Ground, we recommend signing up for a breakdown or maintenance contract. This will guarantee you’ll enjoy a speedy response should the worst happen. This response will come from an in-house engineer who knows exactly what they need to do with the machine they’re fixing.

All office coffee suppliers should offer flexible ordering

Ordering online or by phone? For the next day or the next month? You should be confident that you can order how you like, when you like, with no restrictive minimum order terms. If you’ve got a real problem, you should be safe in the knowledge that you can pick up the phone, talk to the team and know that they’ll do all they can to help.

A quality office coffee supplier offers delicious freshly roasted coffee

Fresh beans, freshly roasted - it’s a non-negotiable. Can your supplier provide a great range spanning from strong and distinctive, to light and aromatic all-day-long coffee?

A money-saving office coffee supplier also offers good value

Value – it’s not about being the cheapest, or offering too-good-to-be-true deals. Value is about the quality of the product, the guidance, the speed of repair if things go wrong and the long-lasting build of the machine. Value is all of the above, as standard.

Value comes in the form of Swiss-made machines – crafted from metal components, for cup after cup of superior coffee, for many years to come.

A great office coffee supplier is amazing at customer service

When you sign your contract you should expect nothing short of always-friendly and happy-to-help staff.

Unfortunately you can’t just leave this to chance. You need to know that any potential supplier has a glowing track record. Google your potential new supplier, check out the reviews and their social media presence.

Great coffee at work – it’s our mantra. Fabulous customer service and great tasting coffee define all that we do. Talk to us today, and discover just how coffee machine suppliers should work.

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