Great Coffee, Good Mood

Posted by Catherine Gray on 25-Jan-2018 15:50:24
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Here at Roast & Ground, we feel like everyone knows that a great cup of coffee can boost your mood – but do you know why?

We thought it might be worth taking a look at just what having a good coffee machine in the office can do for your office team.

Great Coffee Creates Positive People

Research done at Harvard confirms that coffee drinkers are more likely to be happy. Better yet, there’s an improved chance they’ll stay positive under pressure.

That can really help when deadlines are close and the team have to hustle. Just as importantly, a team who drink coffee regularly are a team who are less likely to annoy each other and more likely to build bonds. That’s the sort of advantage you can’t overstate.

Coffee Cues Up Great Troubleshooting

Getting caffeine in your system boosts alertness and awareness. So a great cup of coffee at the start of the day means everyone starts out on point, and another cup at each break can help your team stay in the zone.

Coffee Can Cut Down Stress

A study running for over a decade found that women who drank coffee were less prone to depression. Naturally, this led to more research into why that might be. One of the explanations offered is that caffeine, taken in moderation, blocks receptors which lead to the stress response. Stress is a key trigger for depression, so cutting that down has knock-on benefits.

Coffee Cushions Gym Pain

This is maybe the least well-known of all these facts, but it’s another one that’s important. How many of your co-workers go to the gym before or after work at least a few days a week? Research has shown that two cups of coffee almost halves the aches and twinges of muscle pain from a good workout.

Taking away those aches and pains just leaves you with the endorphins – and that puts you in a fantastic mood for the day ahead.

So it seems a great cup of coffee can be great way to stay fit, get energised, and be ready for work.

Is your office coffee machine up to the task? Roast & Ground can get you up and running. Why not order now?

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