Improve your coffee know-how with our 10 coffee facts

Posted by James Hutchison on 15-Apr-2020 14:05:00

coffee love heartSuffering from Lockdown Loco? During these strange times the four walls of your home may feel closer than ever before.

While the time stretches out in front of us all (and you could well be craving for your usual office coffee), we can speak for everyone when we say that we’re just grateful for our health and that of our clients, friends and family.

Let’s lighten things up - if only for five minutes, with ten fun facts about coffee.

  1. Beethoven loved his coffee, and was extremely picky about how it was prepared, insisting that each cup he consumed be made with exactly 60 beans.
  2. In Italy, Espresso is regulated by the government as it’s considered an essential part of daily life.
  3. In Italy the average Barista is 48 years old, and it’s a highly respected profession.
  4. New Yorkers LOVE their coffee, drinking almost 7x more than other city dwellers in the US.
  5. Coffee beans are actually the pit of a berry. That makes them a fruit. But sadly they don’t count as one of your five a day.
  6. Teddy Roosevelt is and was the greatest American coffee drinker, necking up to a gallon a day.
  7. The word ‘coffee’ comes from the Arabic word ‘qahhwat al-bun’ – ‘wine of the bean’.
  8. Kopi Luwak, the world’s most expensive coffee, comes from animal poop – the poop of an Asian palm civet, to be precise (which is a small critter that shares similarities to the weasel).
  9. The first webcam was invented by The University of Cambridge. It’s role? To watch a coffee pot. That way people would know whether coffee was ready and waiting to be poured.
  10. One day coffee might power your car - researchers have already had great success in converting coffee into bio-diesel.

Want to test your coffee know-how? Try this quiz now to see if you know your ristretto from your espresso…

That brings our blog for this week to a close. Until we speak again, we’d just like to raise a coffee cup to all our NHS Heroes and dedicated key workers - all of whom are out there doing us proud #clapforourkeyworkers.

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