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New Year, New Coffee Supplier

Looking for a new office coffee supplier in 2019? Here’s the inside track on what to look for…

Tea and coffee – they are the backbone of British workplaces. We collaborate over it, wake up with it, and are cheered up by it during the tougher of afternoons. So it's no surprise that sometimes we need a new coffee supplier.

Your choice in new office coffee supplier can be the difference between disappointing blends and morning-fuelling cups of joy. It could mean waiting weeks for repair (with breakdowns that happen way too often), and a machine that’s back up and running within hours. Here’s how to make sure you make the right choice.

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Swiss Water Decaf – Amazing coffee. Explained.

The Swiss Water Process – far from this being some continental beauty treatment or massage technique, is actually a solvent-free way of decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans – the only solvent free method, that is. Let’s dive into how it works and why it creates incredible tasting decaf.

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Good coffee? Great meeting - Coffee machines for meeting rooms

It’s official. Monday morning, 9AM sharp. That’s the new time and day of the critically important meeting during which results are discussed, goals are set, and progress is presented. You NEED great coffee to hand.

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Kettles lose steam against an office bean to cup machine

Since bean to cup machines emerged on the office scene, the debate between kettles and a fully automatic drinks solution has been a heated one.  There are some businesses that consider a drinks machine to be an unnecessary luxury that doesn’t pay any dividends, here we make the case for switching from kettle to an office coffee machine.

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Why we love these office capsule/sachet machines (and you should too!)

Now whilst we are firm advocates of bean to cup machines for the office, we also appreciate that sometimes, especially for small areas like a reception or meeting room, commercial capsule/sachet machines provide a viable coffee solution.

These types of coffee machines have grown in popularity in recent years, as they provide offices with a compact, quick and convenient way of producing a variety of great tasting drinks.  They also have a very low capital outlay, low maintenance cost and minimal cleaning is required, if at all!

Below we outline our favourite offerings from three top manufacturers:



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Six ways your office coffee machine keeps the ideas flowing

  1. Caffeine’s the buzz that kicks off your day, keeps you focused on the job and keeps up your productivity when energy levels flag. Beethoven, Mahler and Sartre all famously ran on coffee, while JK Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter novel sitting in her favourite coffee shop. Give your staff extra creative flair, with regular access to great coffee.
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