Is Your Office Allergen Aware?

Posted by Catherine Gray on 15-May-2017 13:41:58

The boost a hot drinks machine can have to the morale of an office is pretty well documented by now – great-tasting, aromatic coffee made quickly, reliably, and without the need to dash to the nearest coffee shop and back in the rain will have that effect.

What’s less commonly thought about is whether or not that hot drinks machine caters to everyone in the office.

Support for the Entire Team

With more and more people becoming aware that recurring digestive trouble, migraines, and other ailments can have food allergies as an underlying cause, awareness of these allergies is rising – and more people are discovering that they’re among the allergic.

An easy, simple way to show your team that you appreciate them is to take note of what allergies they have – and then, using our allergen information list, make sure your drinks machine offers hot drinks that won’t set off any of your staff, and even order refills from our online shop.

Building Your Reputation

Bringing your team together isn’t the only advantage to staying allergen aware. By showing that your organisation is willing to be proactive about this, you mark yourself out as a caring, supportive company – a very favourable reputation to have when it’s time to recruit somebody.

We know how important it is to offer a truly top-tier service – and making it easy for our customers to go the extra mile for their own team is just part of that.

We hope it’ll always be simple for any new customer to find what they need from our range – but if you do find yourself having any difficulty, don’t delay. Contact us now – you can use our form, email, or call 020 8397 8676 – and we’ll talk through everything else you need to know.

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